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    Unfortunately, the "Vine" sticker covered the instructions on the jar, so my first trial of this product was less than stellar. I used a decent gob about equal to the amount of my current fave product that I use regularly, squished it through my wet hair, and when my hair dried it appeared as if I'd taken a shower in Vaseline. Not a good look for an older woman. My hair is fine, dry, and curly. Through experimentation, I found that Motions Naturally You, Define My Curls Creme is best for me on dry hair that has fallen flat or gone frizzy. Just a TINY smidge on the palms of my hands smoothed through my curls makes my hair spring right back into its prettiest curls with lots of shine and body to boot. The frizz disappears instantly, even after a day in the rain and wind. I'm sure with additional experimentation I'll find even more uses for this lightly-scented (no heavy fragrance, thank goodness!) gel-creme.


    With this much technology packed into a hockey puck something is bound to go wrong. For me it just happened to be one of the hottest days of the year! It was over 100 degrees outside and about 95 in my house. Nest worked great for about 3 weeks then started giving errors that my "wiring has changed". That was funny because wiring hasn't changed in this house for probably 20 years. Then it said it didn't have a power cable connected (it uses your low voltage house power to charge it's internal battery). Apparently the house wasn't giving it enough juice to stay charged. So Nest eventually died and faded to black on my wall. It's a good idea but I won't trust another one. I promptly put my old reliable thermostat back up. I do miss seeing that thing glow when I walked past. And it was great controlling the temp. from my ipad upstairs (so convenient). Really slick looking but the slick factor doesn't keep my house at a proper temperature. Too bad, I really wanted this thing to work :(

  • N. Baldwin - It's like parchment paper

    This stuff is magical. I have used for meats and pizza and cookies and all have come off without a struggle. It's like parchment paper, but gives an extra crunch to things.

  • Rev. Rebecca A. Nagy - I wanted a program - not a sales pitch

    I had heard about this program from a friend - and since I know I have food allergies, was eager to dive into this book and get some weight off...seems this program doesn't work without the addition of tons of expensive products - most of them sold by the authors! Not worth the time...