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  • Drew V - rated one of best anti-virus of 2014

    Since purchasing the initial 3 licenses for $9.99, I have bought 6 more licenses at $20 and $21. I didn't even realize what a good deal $9.99 was at the time. Anyway, its a solid product, light of system resources, and has lots of protection. The only drawback I can think of is that once you activate the first copy, the other two activation begins also. So once you install one, install the other two ASAP for max value.

  • Trish - PERFECT!

    My son is 5 months old and we struggled to find a chair that he could sit up in, and that we could take to restaurants. This chair is perfect because the front two supports twist easily and move way down; this means, so far, it has fitted every shape and thickness of table! Also, my son cannot sit up on his own yet. The photos don't show this very well, but there are firm elasticated straps which are stitched to the back which loop around and then secure at the front of the chair. These straps really help support him when he's sitting up at the table - just like a big boy! Oh, and the cover for the chair is hidden in a velcro pocket at the base - you just pull it out and it covers the whole chair! Perfect!

  • Victoria From Tulsa - this is the real deal.

    Wanna live longer? Do this. The first 4 days are kinda hell physically but then you get the hang of the food and planning required and your body starts to recover a little. Breakfast shakes are iffy I think, not fond of the taste at all but kept to the program anyway. Supplements are pricey but I bought mine locally at Natural Foods. Here's what I like, no calorie counting, no portion crap, just eat the food. Take the supplements. You're gonna chop a lot of vegetables! I found some of the recipes boring so made slight changes using the same foods and it worked just fine. Stop eating foods that are a slow death. This tells you how and why. Never hungry, in fact I had to force myself to eat! Down 10 pounds in 10 days. Staying on the basic plan, with an occasional glass of wine.....

  • THOMAS WEAVER - Perfect for me

    This mask will make your skin glow. I bought it after reading through all the reviews focused on anti-aging and wrinkles issue. I am satisfied with the result. My fine lines are diminished to minimal level. Those deep lined crow’s feet on both sided of my eyes are reduced to manageable point. This sheet mask did what other pricey creams could not for a long time. It is amazing that I never knew about it until three months ago. I had heard about pearl mask sheets but not that it works so better. A perfect anti-aging and anti-wrinkle product. Ladies and gentlemen over 40 should give this product a try.

  • Juliad18 - Absolutely beautiful and amazing

    I am a huge fan of Lady Gaga. She has an amazing voice and writes beautiful music. This has to be my favorite album of hers. It's so amazing. & Joanne is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard. Somehow Lady Gaga topped herself again. I could not recommend this album more!

  • Breeze - Love it

    Enjoyed the old and new stories. As always Ms alexa Riley delivers a great story of HEA and alpha male

  • JandA - It works SO fast! Bye bye pain!!

    My daughter and I have unfortunately had to deal with painful UTIs. After her last trip to the hospital, the physician recommended we purchase AZO and said it will relieve pain quickly. It really is true. Within an hour or two of taking it, the pain is much less and after 5 days or so of taking this, the UTI is completely gone. This is a must have for anyone who has a bladder infection to keep on hand. It's not instant relief, but within hours, you're feeling soooooo much better. They're easy to swallow, no unpleasant taste.