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Mother Earth Living: Healthy Homes, Natural Health, Green Living - Mother Earth Living magazine, the authority on green living, features the best and latest information on how to create a healthy home, choose natural remedies for a natural health lifestyle, cook with a nutritious and whole-food focus, and gardening for food.

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  • http://www.motherearthliving.com/food-and-recipes/recipes/winter-recipes/shittake-mushrooms-and-bitter-greens-in-phyllo-zm0z16ndzfol Shiitake Mushrooms and Bitter Greens in Phyllo Recipe - Food and Recipes - Mother Earth Living - For a healthy addition to your winter dinners, make this recipe with shiitake mushrooms and nutritious bitter greens.
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  • Kelly W. - Great Laser Light

    I received this product on time and undamaged. It was nicely packaged. This product comes in its own sturdy storage box which I really appreciated.

  • Steve Falcon - LED replacement lights for 2012 Mazda 3

    The LED replacement lights fit very well they look good and they were easy to install except for the glove box it was very difficult to take the glove box apart to get to the light once you have the glove box out the light clips in very easily a great product highly recommended .

  • sandra norris - Best instant mashers ever!

    These potatoes are by far the best instant mashed that we have ever had. I can't make them taste any better when i make them from scratch. I have a case in my pantry so I am ready at any time. They last for a great long time. They are individually packaged for servings of 6. Say good bye to those rotting potatoes. My husband always asked if we are running low on mashers? We ran out once and I had to make them from scratch....he wasn't pleased.

  • Dave Yankowiak - A must have for anybody who can't finish an entire bottle of wine in one night

    My wife and I like the occasional glass of wine. That's ONE glass each, which means we never finish a full bottle at once. This wine saver has definitely helped keep our wine fresh for the next evening when we partake in yet another glass of wine each. Would definitely buy again. We've had ours for a few years now and it continues to function just as well as the day we bought it. The rubber in the stoppers has held up perfectly.

  • Jamie - This stuff is amazing

    I have several dogs and cats.One of my dogs is older and has small accidents and this cleans my tile perfect every time. One of the cats had kittens and when they are growing up they peed on blankets and clothes. If I soak the item overnight with this and laundry soap it gets rid of the stuff every time. One time one cat peed on my white cotton pants, I only wore once. I was pissed. I put them on the line and sprayed them with Kids & Pets. When it dried it was like magic, stain and big cat odor were gone.

  • Ricardo - New Quicken Rental Property Manager 2013 works with Windows 8 Professional

    New version installed easily and works with Windows 8 although not really a fully "app" format. Shortcut can be made to Start screen, and leads back to old Windows 7 style desktop to run Quicken Rental. Program wise very similar to last year's version, no real operational improvements that I could detect so far. Quicken pdf printer which installs as part of load cannot be used in other programs, which is unfortunate since could be another small benefit to buying such an expensive software.