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Anti-Dandruff Treatment & Healthy Hair Care Tips | NIZORAL® - Learn about NIZORAL®, an anti-dandruff shampoo treatment that helps to control scalp flaking, scaling, and itching when used between regular washings.

  • https://www.nizoral.com/coupons-and-offers Coupons & Offers | NIZORAL® - Find coupons and special offers on NIZORAL® anti-dandruff treatment shampoos for healthy hair and scalp.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/products/shampoo/nizoral-d-shampoo A-D Ketoconazole 1% Shampoo | NIZORAL® - NIZORAL® A-D Ketoconazole 1% Shampoo, when used twice a week, helps to control scaling, itching, flaking scap to reveal dandruff-free, healthy hair.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/about-nizoral About NIZORAL® | NIZORAL® - Learn about NIZORAL® A-D 1% shampoo, the #1 prescribed ingredient for dandruff, helping you find relief from an itchy, irritated scalp and flaking skin.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/nizoral-success-stories Dandruff Treatment Success Stories | NIZORAL® - Share your dandruff treatment story and read other NIZORAL® success stories and how ketoconazole can help you say you are dandruff free!
  • https://www.nizoral.com/hair-care-tips/what-is-dandruff-and-causes What is Dandruff and What Causes It | NIZORAL® - NIZORAL® explains what dandruff is and what causes the flaking, scaling, itchy scalp associated with dandruff symptoms.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/hair-care-tips/prevent-dandruff-maintain-healthy-hair-scalp Prevent and Maintain Dandruff-Free Hair & Scalp | NIZORAL® - Learn tips on how to get rid of, and prevent dandruff, and maintain healthy, dandruff-free hair and scalp with NIZORAL®.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/hair-care-tips/what-ketoconazole What is Ketoconazole?| NIZORAL® - An active ingredient in anti-dandruff shampoos, ketoconazole, is an antifungal ingredient, which can help relieve an itchy, scaly scalp.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/hair-care-tips/african-american-hair-dandruff Treating Dandruff in African American Hair | NIZORAL® - Learn tips on how to treat dandruff in african american and curly hair, to reveal healthy hair and scalp, free from flaking, itching, and scaling.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/hair-care-tips/expert-stylist-african-american-hair Expert Hair Tips for African American Hair | NIZORAL® - Learn top hair care tips from salon owner and african american hair specialist, Santa Cruz, to maintain healthy hair and scalp.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/where-to-buy Where to Buy Anti-Dandruff Shampoo | NIZORAL® - Discover where you can find NIZORAL® anti-dandruff shampoo and treatment products both online and at a store near you.
  • https://www.nizoral.com/vcrc/customer Customer Service | NIZORAL® - Call our Consumer Care Center at 1-800-962-5357 from Monday - Friday, 9:00am to 7:00 pm EST.  

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  • Christine Wolfe - WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2010

    My sons are enjoying the game! This game worked as promised, in good condition and delivered on time!

  • Raynard C. Vinson - Price too High

    This is a great product. I use it everyday. The problem? This item can be had for $10.57 at Wal-Mart and its website. Don't be lulled into paying 2 times the price just to have it shipped to your home.

  • vincent troia - The main reason I bought this is frankly because I hate doing sit-ups

    I have been using the flexbelt for roughly 1 month. Right from the get go, I started on programs 6 and 7. I do 4 sets (30min) at levels 100, 110, 115, and 120. I do 2 days on, 1 day off. From week 1 I noticed the difference. I could see my 6 packs staring to show. Now in week 5, the 6 packs are very noticeable. I am 51 years old, 5’11”, and weigh 210 lbs. I also lift weights and exercise 4-5 times a week. I also eat right. I have been dieting for 3 months and have lost 20 lbs. I stick to about 2100 calories a day. My goal is 195 lbs. I did not buy this belt in the hopes of losing weight. I know this is not going to happen, nor does the company claim it does. The main reason I bought this is frankly because I hate doing sit-ups. For me, sit-ups make my lower back hurt.

  • THOMAS E ONEILL - Look great, but difficult brake petal install

    Look great, but difficult brake petal install. I eventually cut small slits in the top corners and one in the middle top of the cover. Holding well, no slippage.

  • Useful and in fashion - Useful and in fashion

    As a student i have always believed in working hard and tried to master the concepts and material covered in the medical school curiculum.It did bring very good grades but I am afraid thats not enough for USMLE. As this book tells USMLE has focus that can be different from what is covered in medschool. A good school will have covered the material but this book will help you look at it the way you can score more on USMLE( esp. the clinical slant of the exam) .The advice are judicious and invaluable for an IMG. I read the advice early on and it helped me mentally prepare for the exam. It maybe hard to go through the review books adviced when doing your course work but borrowing them and orienting yourself to them maybe useful.The book reviews are good. This book doesnt do any magic for you. The best prepration is still studying hard during the course.Goodluck on the exam.

  • katie Kucera - Clips for backpack straps no good

    Not a bad bag except that the clips for the backpack straps broke on both sides during my first real trip with it. Bag's a little too big for its own good (ie will hold more stuff than I think those clips carry), and it's also hard to lug around even with the backpack straps if it's full and you're trucking around an airport. Also, just a little big for carryon though most airlines will let you sneak by. Not sure why you'd want this bag over a traditional backpack for other applications