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    City: 9.491 , Germany

  • Janet Brunner - Very quiet compared to most

    Having had many different coffee grinders in the past, the Secura is definitely the quietest one I've ever used. Does an exceptional job of grinding for our drip coffee maker. Only one thing that's kind of a bother - I wish it would hold more beans :)

  • lighthousedk - Good product for Ford

    It worked so well really protects the back from scratches and marks ,easy to install and shipped quick ,good product

  • Jessica symons - doesnt work at all!

    Just used this to help pass a drug test for pre employment. I followed the directions to a T even tho I only had 48 hours notice. I didn't eat at all that morning. I peed & then drank the detox at noon followed by a liter of water. I peed 2 more times. My urine was fairly clear. I continued to drink another liter of water. I peed again before I left & then stopped at a gas station right around the corner from the test facility yet again. I did the actual drug test at 2p . . . I failed. This stuff doesn't work at all. . .guess I should have bought the other stuff.

  • 5XChamps - A life changer

    I bought this naner slicer and wow am I glad I did. My life has been positively changed forever. Once this product appeared on my doorstep, I knew things would never be the same in my household. It is pure genious and a better time saver I do not know of. My only complaint is I wish it was offered in a chartruse color so it would match all my other little kitchen helpers.

  • Christine E. Parks - I don't care what the other posts say. I ...

    I don't care what the other posts say. I am a nurse and I know what I am talking about. This stuff works and will save you copays with a dermatologist!!! It works!!

  • Mary E. George - You come away with respect for Shackleton and crew

    Absolute respect for Shackleton and his men! I was right there with them as they survived on floes [pieces of ice] after their ship was crushed. I felt bad about slaughtering the dogs when that happened. But it got down to the choice: us or them? Easter Island was a miserable place to exist on. Was it a miracle that they survived? or was it fortitude and determination along with clear thinking and experience? Whatever it was, it was inspiring. The attitudes of the men was a big factor also. Most of them were 'all in'. Recommend for young people needing some inspiration.