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  • J. Teal - Doesn't last

    I decided to wait several months before writing a review because I wanted to know what the long-term results were like. At first I was thrilled with the results we achieved with this product. It looked beautiful, like a brand new granite countertop! But after a few months, the countertop started to stain. Even a drop of temporary hair dye that was wiped up IMMEDIATELY was forever embedded into the surface. And then a few months later, the top coat started to peel off - it started to look like it was badly sunburned. I wish I could recommend this product, but it just doesn't last.

  • hondoman45 - Top value

    Been using this for the past week and it is flawless. For the price it is unbeatable. I'm using the vga connection with my computer, but this monitor also has an hdmi plug for when I upgrade. This is a perfect size for a desktop as anything bigger is overkill imho. Set up took about five minutes as I simply reused the vga and power cords from my old HP monitor that died after 7 years. Great value, thanks HP!

  • Amazon Customer - Easy to use

    I use QuickBooks Pro 2013 in my business and I love it. This program is easy to use and was not hard to upgrade from QuickBooks 2009.

  • Patrick D - Great multi function thermometer

    This is a great thermometer. It can be used on either a forehead or an ear to measure temperature. The device operates on two (included) AAA batteries, and features an auto-off function. To use, simply place the sensor on your forehead, and press the top button. The device beeps when it reads your temperature. To use the in-ear mode, remove the plastic probe cover, insert in your ear, and press the bottom button. The device is very easy to use, and appears to be quite accurate. It also comes with a plastic storage tray.

  • R. Dobson - Needed the upgrade pack

    At first it looked as though my Playmobil terrorist cell was going have trouble getting through this security system - no naked flames, sharp objects, guns or bombs. Then I bought the Tobacco Lobbyist upgrade pack which allowed cigarette lighters to be carried through so they simply torched the plane instead. Hours of fun for all the family.

  • dogmom22 - Love These

    Excellent product! Unsure about ordering since not Mopar but thought we would give these a try due to cost. LOVE! My husband installed easily with other reviewers tips. Used immediately for our camping trip with our soft rooftop carrier and they worked perfectly. No noise, even when the carrier isnt installed, and with moonroof open. I would recommend! They also look exactly like the Jeep rails- just saying.

  • Ellen D Cranos - Yes and no...so far

    I have been using Lerosett for six weeks. First three weeks I used it once a day - at night. It most definitely took care of any little pimples which is great. But it seemed my cystic ones just kept on coming. I phoned the company and they suggested I try twice a day for two weeks to really purge and slow oil production. Well I did and it sure made me break out a bit more. I was concerned it may be getting too drying - which can lead to increased oil production so after the two weeks I happily went back to once a day. (I have been using their oil free moisturizer throughout.) First, I do really like the product - it makes my skin just feel good so for that alone I will continue using it. However I am still getting cystic bumps. I have been getting them on and off since I was a young teen, (I'm now 41) and have tried everything you can imagine - topicals, pills, changing make-up, changing detergents, diet, etc... Nothing has worked consistently. Everything - including ProActive - works for a while but then it just doesn't anymore. I've seen many derms over the years and it always ends up that the only real solution is a cortisone shot of which I have had many and will probably continue to need. One side note for women - I completely stopped breaking out when I was pregnant and rarely broke out the years I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen. (Not that I'm recommending pregnancy lol but the birth control pill may help some.) Anyway seems to me I have hormone issues that may never go away. Lerosett seems to be helping ever so slightly with the duration of the cysts and the hurt involved. As many you can relate the deep ones are very painful. When I get one - which I of course have one right now - I slather on the clay and leave it on over-night. I do like using something organic because I am so sick of bp and pills that dry too much or - always fun - give me a yeast infection. I hope talking about all this girlie stuff doesn't gross out any men that may read this but just remember without all this girlie stuff you wouldn't be here :-)So to sum up this very long-winded review - try the product if you are thinking about it. It can't hurt and it may be a great solution for you. I'll post again in another month with an update.