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Custom designed knockout, knock-in and transgenic mice - Ozgene - Ozgene is a global provider of custom designed knockout, knock-in and transgenic mice, and the developer of the revolutionary goGermline technology. Over 250 research papers have been published by our clients utilising Ozgene's genetically modified mice.

  • https://www.ozgene.com/gogermline-knockout-and-knock-in-mice goGermline - Ozgene - goGermline is a revolutionary technology to generate knockout and knock-in mice fast and efficiently, while improving the 3R's of animal welfare.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/about-us/ozgene-story Ozgene Story - Ozgene - Ozgene is a global provider of custom designed knockout mice, knock-in mice and transgenic mice, and the developer of the revolutionary goGermline technology.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/knockouts Knockout mice - Ozgene - Ozgene is considered the leader in conditional knockout mice. In fact, Ozgene CEO & CSO were the first to publish a C57BL/6 knockout mouse in 1993. Contact us for a complimentary assessment to generate your knockout mice.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/knockins Knock-in mice - Ozgene - Ozgene offers custom designed knock-in mice (humanized mice, reporter mice, point mutations etc.) using the most reliable knock-in mouse generation methods. Contact us for a complimentary assessment.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/services/transgenic Transgenic mice - Ozgene - Our targeted approach provides you with transgenic mice that save you time, money and resources. You receive only one transgenic mouse line with a predictable expression pattern, rather than multiple founders with random expression.
  • https://www.ozgene.com/publication/crispr-knockout-and-knock-in-mice CRISPR - Ozgene - CRISPR knockout and knock-in mouse technology is exciting and shows some promising results. CRISPR does, however, come with drawbacks that still need to be worked out.

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  • The Bruce - Surprisingly good effects

    I just started combining this with two Natures Bounty green tea caps each morning. The green tea by itself gives me a nice alertness, different from a caffeine buzz. I find that the ginseng seems to boost this effect even more, making me feel very clearheaded...it removes much of the age fog I had become used to. This formula of three types of ginseng and no caffeine makes this the perfect combination in my book.

  • julia - I love this stroller

    I love this stroller! It was such a great price on sale and it is very smooth and comfortable for my lil one. Would definitely recommend it!

  • Alan Robinson - no msg = no flavor

    The old version of this product had MSG, and perhaps other differences as well. In any case, this is reminiscent of that old product, while tasting totally flat and more or less worthless. I'd rather use plain salt.

  • Leyns - Keen to keep reading

    I enjoyed this book. I enjoyed the character development and world building. The storyline isn't too bad either. One thing that wasn't clear is why the quads think Jessa is so amazing. I'm not convinced. I'm still going to start the next in the series right now.

  • Justin - RIPOFF!!

    TV works for a couple of months than shorts out. The d bags at the manufacturer then want you to pay another $100 to have it shipped back to them. Their customer service is awful. There are 2 miserable chics who are as dumb as rocks. DO NOT BUY!!!!!!!!!!! COMPANY IS FULL OF CROOKS AND SCAM ARTISTS

  • Marcella Merkley - Loved the book

    I am of Irish decent and loved the book. I have visited Ireland, and read a lot about the Potato Famine, which was what drove my ancestor to move to the new World. I loved how he drew the character out and made them real.