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  • Jeanne S - Great for traveling the USA BY highways.

    We travel around the country a lot and this has been very helpful to us. It is quicker than using a cellphone. It tells you everything as far as businesses, gas, food, hotels, rest areas, etc coming up on INTERSTATE HIGHLY ONLY. We wouldn't be without it. Our first one from 2010 was spiral bound, but I couldn't find it that way anymore. This one is regularly book bound. It's very helpful for planning as well.

  • Kevin - Oh my YUCK!!!

    How do people eat this? They have to be fooling themselves because it is terrible! It is sweet tasting with a tang like sour milk. It reminds me of the skim that would form around the outer edge of the milk container (long ago when I had no idea milk was causing my problems).

  • K. Smith - I have been extremely satisfied with this case it provides a solid grip and ...

    I have been extremely satisfied with this case it provides a solid grip and the simple clean appearance was just what I wanted. The full casing around for the iPencil has also been useful to provide a place first to keep the iPencil, but also to protect the tips when I am carrying the case around the office or in my home.

  • Amazon Customer - I really liked this mirror

    I really liked this mirror. It is designed to be able to see your baby in a rear-facing baby car seat. One of the worst things about having a rear-facing baby seat is that you can't see your baby when you're driving. Well, you can usually see your baby's hat, but not your baby's face. This mirror changes all of this, and you can now look your baby in the face while driving.

  • Janet Burger - Unusual

    The author could have slowed down, dragged it out and gotten a trilogy out of this.....he didn't leave out any of the good stuff but got the whole thing in one book anyway. A really good book too!

  • Jackie Adams - Linking and Balancing Really Works

    With middle age approaching, and after several unsuccessful dieting attempts, I didn't think I would ever lose all the extra weight I had been carrying around. I went to Dr. Hart's Wellness Workshop last year truly in despair. Dr. Hart and Mary Kay were genuinely interested in getting to the bottom of my problem. Using their simple-to-follow eating plan, I have lost 50 pounds in the past year, lowered my cholesterol, and I feel great. I haven't been "on a diet", but have learned to change the way I organize my meals and think about foods. I even went on vacation, ate and drank what I wanted, and still came home a pound lighter! Use this book to lose weight, but teach its principles to your family too, so they can avoid developing insulin-resistance and the diseases related to it.

  • Rich - Athletes foot destroyer!

    This is a great product! It is one of the best tea tree soaps I have used. I use it on stubborn athletes foot fungus and it works better the the prescription medications I have tried. Trial and error has shown the soap needs to be left on your feet for 5-10 minutes then rinse. Using it like regular soap does not seem to produce good results. Using it everyday for 10 days, has eliminated about 50% of the fungus infection, which never happened with prescription creams.This has convinced me tea tree oil works. Great addition to the bathroom cabinet.