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PMC Weight Loss Surgery - Less Weight, More Life | Bariatric Services - Weight loss surgery at Piedmont Medical Center is the right choice for less weight and more life! Bariatric services in Rock Hill, Fort Mill, Lancaster, & Chester.

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  • TheHobbyGuy - Excellent fuel treatment as well as a true motor cleaner if put into the vacuum lines

    Bought this as a fuel treatment and as a cleaner via my vacuum lines in my 2006 Mazda RX8. It has worked great! Just follow the directions on the can. For the vacuum line cleaning I looked up a video very quickly online that told me which lines were the proper vacuum lines. The 2006 RX8 has multiple lines that need to be treated in order to clean the whole rotary engine.

  • Kathryn Jones - Healthy Looking Hair -thicker & longer lashes as well!!!!

    Have had some confusion about which one to use - there are several kinds now but it definitely makes my hair shiney, healthy looking, and reduces hair thinning. A bonus is longer, sturdier lashes...I've always had long eyelashes until last year when they seemed to be disappearing. I started Vivisca for hair thinning and noticed right away that my long lashes had returned!!!

  • JMSolko - Awesome! Nothing works better

    I have a unique kind of psoriasis that affects my alms and feet. They are constantly very dry and cracked. After applying this lotion as directed for just a few days I have already noticed an improvement. I have tried many products including amlactin which was very expensive and nothing even comes close to these results. Other products moisturizer but this actually repairs the cracks in my feet. Also when the amlactin got applied to an open area it burned like the dickens, with this, there is no burn at all. I have been looking for this for so long. It had been a dream come true for me!

  • TheGerm - Nice Rack, but upgrade the screws!

    These things install without problem, once you figure out which one installs up front. I have a 2014 JGC and the longer one installs up front and the smaller one install toward the back. Since I install and uninstall every time we use them, i needed to replace the screws as they were rather cheap and you cannot tighten them without stripping the heads. (ordered replacements on ebay).

  • Shannon Ealy - Works as advertised

    Bought this cooler for industrial applications at work. We used it to cool down chemical compounds for titration purposes. The advertisement says it will take a room temp soda down to 40-50 degrees in a minute. Well, it does better than that! It takes our 6 oz. sample from about 120-150 degrees to 38 degrees in a minute! I don't think you should use chipped ice in it, because it tends to clog the pump. It does "sweat" out the bottom, but we are constantly using it 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Been going strong for approx. 3 months now. For the homeowner/wine connoissuer this is a blessing to chill your wines, beer, sodas, or any other beverage of choice.

  • Louise Maynard - Really easy, really good

    I bought one of these because I was tired of hauling around my old Orek. I read the reviews and took all the unhappiness into consideration and then bought one. (Sorry, guys, but not from Amazon.) This is the easiest thing I've ever owned. It's incredibly light and it really pulls up the dirt. Do you have to empty the bin a lot? Yes. However, I get a certain sense of satisfaction in watching all the gunk go into the trash. I'm not exactly a domestic goddess, so I might actually vacuum before the pet hair reaches my knees. When it arrived, the battery was defective. I called Hoover and they sent a new one out right away. They were very nice to deal with. I don't have a problem with shorter battery life as I live in a small house, so I don't care. I love that I can switch from hard wood to carpet with just a flick of a switch. I'm very happy with this. It does stairs very quickly and grabs everything out of the molding. I would buy it again in a heartbeat.

  • RandR10 - If You Can't Find a Job, Buy This Book

    You won't regret it. I ended up getting a call from a recruiter before I could implement any of the methods found here, but this book is a gold mine. This is not a "read it cover to cover" kind of book. Skip around and get the pertinent information for your purposes and you will find what you're looking for. Lots of ideas that most people don't think about for tracking down that next job. Another valuable tool in this book are the exercises you can do to tell you whether you actually want to do the job you're looking for. Lots of soul searching is sort of squeezed out if you actually do them as instructed. I found that to be especially interesting and valuable for the longer term.