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  • Mr. Douglas - Crystal Clear Vibrant Display

    Truly a beautiful display. I have had this diaplay for a few month and I had but doing me and my wife well. My wife most uses the computer for light gaming (Minecraft) and videos. She said it is perfect. I'm quite impressed with this display and plan on buying a second one. You can trust HP to make quality products at a great price.

  • CARL W. - LOVE this vacuum!

    I rarely do reviews, but I've found myself telling friends and family about this sucker (get it?). I think one other review talked about how after running the vacuum the first time over a section of carpet done by their previous vacuum they were stunned... lemme tell you - that's EXACTLY how it went down. The crud this thing picked up on what was supposedly my clean carpet... just... wow.

  • anthony nguyen - Software is not that great and it is not programmable

    works exactly as advertise and add a new whole level of realism to my home cockpit. Software is not that great and it is not programmable. if you want this panel to function exactly the way you want, you have to get additional software like SPAD.NEXT so you can configure your controls.

  • Seamused - These are sturdy plates that hold up to almost all types of ...

    These are sturdy plates that hold up to almost all types of food and amounts. Whatever will fit on the plate, it'll hold. These can be a little more pricey that some of the other brands, so if you need a lot and find a good price, but a lot. Worth trying if you haven't.

  • Old Guy - There is no Premium only package

    I have used H&R Block software for years. Now, I am retired so I needed the Premium version for the first time because it supports the required IRS retiree forms.

  • 2mao - A lot of movement

    First of all, the look of the ball is very cool. Construction looks decent, but will have to wait and see till I destroy the ball in a matter of time. The ball is very different from the other indoor balls such as Tachikara, Wilson and past Mikasa versions in that you'll first notice the feel of the ball. It doesn't have much of a cushion unlike the other brands/balls...this is an advantage for hitters who know how to smack the ball. Unlike some other complaints about the heavy weight, I personally like it. Again the added weight gives the ball its speed when you hit the ball properly. The dimple design is also an advantage for people who know how to serve a floater or jump floater...it gives the ball amazing movement. What I'm really surprised about is how EASY it is to controll the ball on sets, especially back sets and shoots...I believe due to the new seem and dimple design. Overall this is a great quality ball and I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their game.

  • david jeffers - its great so buy it, you deserve it and its not expensive

    great value and great product i wont expecting it to be so nice but its great, talks clear on calls, its nice