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Queen’s Natural Market - Health food store Lebanon, PA stocks natural groceries, vitamins, herbs, nutritional supplements, organic produce, free range poultry, grass-fed beef and raw milk from local farms.

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  • Brian A. Nichols - Rings with TRUTH!

    These two volumes are an astonishing review of the major events that lead to the formation of present world. It's officially time to stop using the phrase conspiracy theory to describe events and call them by their true name - History. For those who have never been exposed to this information, brace yourself. For those who have known this, brace yourself. Mr. King managed to blow my mind with the same information ive known for years and with new revelations I have never been exposed to. There simply is not a better format and presentation of these events availible. Its so densly packed with pertinent information, my notes basically resulted in another copy of the book. The reason I can't give these works 5 stars is because of a fundamental philosophical issue I have with the way he attributes responsibility for the many atrocities he mentions in the books. Again and again he blames various commanders and world leaders for the bombings, murders, rapes, etc. I have yet to read an author who does not do this and it's time for it to change. The acts were not committed by the order givers, but by the order followers. It does not matter what evil minded men say. If there are responsible independent human beings to think and act for themselves in an objectivity moral way, these men's words and power mean nothing. It is our fault and our ancestors fault that we do not have the moral compass and courage to deny these psychopaths the control and destruction they seek. Modern propaganda and indoctrination has played a massive role in our perpetual ignorance, but with the internet and books like these we have no more excuses and must place the blame where it has been all along; with each of us. This shift in perception is required if we wish to prevent these horrors from ever happening again.

  • Lindsey A. Noe - Noisy and boring

    My daughter begged for this for her birthday after seeing the commercials. She played with it for maybe 5 minutes. It doesn't do much other than make little whiny noises. The electronics are very noisy.

  • Amazon Customer - The most pleasurable of therapies

    This is a most delightful selection of high quality oils....My daughter gave me a diffuser and a box of these therapeutic oils as a gift. I opened the box of oils before I received the diffuser and not knowing, spent a couple of days dabbing these pleasant oils on my wrists and enjoying their healing fragrances. When the diffuser arrived, and I learned the very new pleasure of having healthy, healing essential oils diffused into the air, I was trebly pleased. I now have four diffusers, diffusing away all day long....I love them separate; I love them combined... It is amazing to me how much pleasure I take in aromatherapy....This little box is an excellent way to explore these scents.... Oh, and the packaging is lovely too. Beautiful gift for yourself or for someone you love.

  • Farns418 - Get this book now!

    Absolutely hysterical, I can't ever get my fill of these comics and love how creative, witty, and smart they are..

  • J.H.M. - Can't Conceal Carry in Most States. Plastic Sheath is Chinese Junk.

    Knife seems to be fine. Blade is just right for killing a human being. But plastic sheath is Chinese junk. Needs to have a nice leather sheath with belt clip. Buyer beware, This knife is illegal to conceal carry in most all states. Some states won't even allow open carry because of the double edge. Gerber makes this knife with a Tonto blade which is almost as good as this knife for self defense and is legal for open carry. Most states won't allow any fixed blade knife to be concealed. Even with a short blade.