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R&D Returns | Strategy, Transformation, and Value Realization for R&D - Critiquiing what has worked, plus new ideas that are creating value now for Life Science & BioPharma fimrs.

  • http://www.randdreturns.com/r-and-d-returns-ceiling/ The R&D Returns “Ceiling” | R&D Returns - BioPharma firms vary greatly in their ability to bring novel therapies to market - what causes some to underperform?
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/mckinsey-article-hits-close-to-home/ McKinsey article hits close to home… | R&D Returns - While I have been using the name R&D Returns for years, I welcome this article from McKinsey.  Here, they call attention to the value of balanced R&D architecture and management.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/automating-serendipity/ Automating Serendipity | R&D Returns - Increasing R&D performance by setting the stage for innovation in all areas - in 1990 we called it serendipity...
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/pre-six-sigma-in-pharma-rd/ Forerunners to “six-sigma” in BioPharma R&D | R&D Returns - While Motorola was developing six-sigma (6σ) practices in the 1980’s, Pharma R&D remained at best, “naïve” if not openly hostile to the idea.   Literally, 6σ gets its name from reducing defects to 3.4 per million; statistically six sigma's from the mean.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/a-history-of-time-to-market-thinking-in-pharma A History of “time to market” thinking in Pharma | R&D Returns - (For those looking for the core ideas vs. a narrative, page down to the “BOTTOM LINE”) Once, as head of New Product Planning & Project Management, I was responsible for balancing many threads of activities.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/examining-the-other-end-of-the-semantics-telescope/ Examining the “other end” of the Semantics telescope | R&D Returns - Powerful, new ways to get the value from most your data are limited by confusing claims.  Pundits estimate that over 80% of data is unstructured1, formerly requiring teams of experts to address and interpret.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/grasping-the-information-explosion-to-advantage/ Grasping the Information Explosion to Advantage | R&D Returns - Firms increasingly recognize that better, faster use of their information is the key to success.   This is even more important to Life Science firms as they address an explosion of data.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/converts-to-big-biopharma/ “Big BioPharma” Converts | R&D Returns - The prospects, practice and perception of biotech therapies has dramatically evolved in the past decade.   Presently, the biggest Pharma’s all have major biotech divisions, or altered their core business model towards biotech (vs. the synthetic chemistry approach.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/blog/ Threads | R&D Returns | Strategy, Transformation, and Value Realization for R&D - Thread of ideas and discussions on max. risk-adjusted returns from Life Science R&D efforts
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/rd-business-architecture/ R&D “Business Achitecture” | R&D Returns - Compared with the previous decade, changes in the BioPharma industry are clearly speeding up.  Firms are altering all aspects of how they approach the discovery, testing and commercialization of new drugs.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/decentralized-rd-the-winning-strategy-apple-begs-to-differ/ Decentralized R&D the “winning strategy”? – Apple begs to differ | R&D Returns - There is a provocative piece in Aug 20 2012 issue (by Connie Guglielmo) of Forbes on Apple's R&D, countering Pharma (and Tech) trend of decentralizing such efforts.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/the-truly-staggering-cost-of-inventing-new-drugs/ “The Truly Staggering Cost Of Inventing New Drugs” | R&D Returns - Another provocative piece in Forbes  that implies the cost of developing a new drug could be as high as $12B!!  This approach has a number of flaws (as does: Best Drug Companies.. )  All produce (provoke?) some interesting insights from commenters.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/the-best-drug-companies-of-the-past-15-years/ “The Best Drug Companies Of The Past 15 Years?” | R&D Returns - Matt Herper in Forbes' the Medicine Show posts a point of view by Bernard Munos on what firms have done best in terms of approved drugs since 1995.  The link is here (http://onforb.es/zb6xgu), as are my comments on this provocative topic.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/innovation-upturn-new-medical-entities-increasing/ Innovation Upturn? New Medical Entities /$ Increasing! | R&D Returns - A recent posting on Derek Lowe's In the Pipeline presents a dismal view of the returns on R&D in Pharma.   BCG had included a graph (from Bernstein Research) of the trend of new molecular entities (nme) per $B spent over the past six decades.
  • http://www.randdreturns.com/in-progress-nmes-vs-mergers/ In-progress: NME’s .vs mergers | R&D Returns - Note: The following focuses on New Medical Entities (NME's.)  These are defined as the novel, initial member of a chemical family for a drug.  The data is derived from the public FDA database on approved drugs for past years.

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    I purchased this remote starter for my 2013 F150 XLT. Like many reviewers, I watched a good YouTube video which clearly outlined everything including the socket sizes to use on the trim. The video missed one wiring connection I'll mention in a second. The "plug & play" went very smoothly. And now the "hiccups" I had trouble getting a good connection with the supplied t-clips to wire in the can wires, so I ended up using heat shrink/ crimp connectors (which I prefer anyways). The video does a good job of pointing out the correct wiring for the can hi & low wires as well. The wire they failed to mention (I should also mention this kit DID NOT come with instructions, just a crappy wiring diagram) is that there is a solid yellow wire from the harness that needs to be connected to a solid yellow from the 20-pin connector. It literally took me hours of Googling to find this answer. All in all, I'm pleased. Had I known about the yellow wire I would have easily been done with this project in 15-20min.