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  • The_Wight_House - Missing Pieces.... but happy with this bike.

    Purchased this for my son's birthday. Whilst assembling it, we find that the Allen keys are missing. Just a little ticked off right now :( .

  • Amazon Customer - Excellent product

    Excellent shampoo. Our dog lasts a long time without smell and is super gentle. Highly recommend.

  • Amazon Customer - The sound quality was decent but the downfall was battery ...

    The sound quality was decent but the downfall was battery life. 2 hours to charge and only 3.5 if play time. For the price of 46 dollars I considered a second pair but decided to try other earbuds.

  • Lana - Do your research before you order!

    I bought this kit (50 sq ft Java Stone) after doing all the research -and I absolutely love the results. Only negative about buying from here for me was that the DVD that came with the kit would not play (tried 2 computers and my tv DVD player, but could not get it to play).

  • Nicole Youngman - Inconsistent manufacturing

    So after reading all of the previous reviews, I couldn't wait to get my hands on a set of these things, figuring that since I'm a longtime occultist I'd easily be able to keep them under control and then dominate the world within a week or so, depending on how long negotiations with the aliens they summoned would take. But noooooooooo, of course not, *I* had to get a freaking set of COMPLETE DUDS. Got the first one started up and it started rattling off Pi, apparently testing my patience and not much else. The second one kept trying to do a Pap smear on me (at least I hope that's what its intention was). The third and fourth ones were apparently mis-programmed Zhu Zhu pet armor, and kept trying to coerce my son's Zhus Zhus into climbing inside and doing battle--which would have been fine, except that they insisted on battling it out at the neighborhood park, and damned if I know how I'm going to pay all those "criminal mischief" fines after maxing out my credit cards to buy these things in the first place. When I got to the last one, I was desperately hoping that it would be fully functional, but the damn thing was apparently a reject from the Bush era's "No Child Left Behind" implementation agency, and promptly sat the aforementioned child down at the kitchen table and attempted to teach him how to fill in those little bubbles on the standardized tests properly--you know, shade it in completely but don't go outside the lines, use a no. 2 lead pencil, and all that. This might have been a mildly useful testing function, but he already knows all that crap from getting it drilled into him at school. I mean, come on, that's what second grade is all about these days!!

  • jennifer Radovich - Only three stars

    Two problems with the lights. The first is that the polarity on the connectors was reversed. I had to cut and reverse the wires for the LEDS to work. Remember LEDS only work if the polarity is correct in a DC system. Second problem is flicker. It is noticeable, bordering on distracting. Because the install took about 2 hours on my 2016 JK, I don't really want to replace them with the OEM. Yes, 2 hours. On the JK I had to remove the grill guard and bumper fascia to replace the lights. They are bright with a nice horizontal pattern perfect for the fog we get here on the coast. Hope this helps JK installers

  • Amazon Customer - sooo awesome

    Where has this been?!! I love how it makes "icecream" with just fruit! Super easy to use and clean. Maybe a little loud while in use but who cares, it's awesome. My husband is in the produce industry, so for us this is a no brainer. I could see how it may add up bc it goes through a decent amount of fruit if you use it often. But, bananas are super cheap and that's what you use the very most.