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  • C. Robledo - Fast, effective oil

    Seriously, they're not kidding when they label this oil as "fast". This oil works right away to make those sticky valves well lubricated. Plus, it can last you for a couple of years assuming that you use it sparingly and only when necessary.

  • Dragife - Do it EXACTLY like it says or you will just shoot your seed ...

    Serious folks? It works. If you use it as directed it works. Read the directions. Do it EXACTLY like it says or you will just shoot your seed our in one big wad...so to speak. If you shake it properly and spray from side to side as directed it definitely sprays great. This allows it to hold properly. If you get a downpour? Hay will even wash away so don't expect magic but if you have something that rolls off of a hill during a regular rain? This does hold much better. As far as the seed and fertilizer mixture? Its a fast germinating seed....won't last for years but will come up quickly. The great thing about this is you can use your own seed and some liquid fertilizer after you use the supply included. Its a total win-win if you just take the time on the upfront to read the directions and use it properly. If you prep your soil? It will do even better. But I grew grass in the worst heat wave the DC area has seen in decades. So either I rock that much.....or this stuff works. Take your pick. :)