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V Simposium Internacional sobre Economía del Fuego 2016 - V Simposium Internacional sobre políticas, planificación y economía de los Incendios Forestales: Servicios Ambientales e Incendios Forestales

  • http://www.simpoeconomicsforestfires.org/eng/ V International Simposium Economics Forest Fire 2016 - V International Simposium on fire economics, Planning and Policy: Wildfires and Ecosystem Services

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  • Iluvpopcorn - Sad about this product...

    This was sad. I really was excited to get this product and had been looking so forward to using it. The UV light is fine and all the polish was fine but the little white strips are horrible. They all cracked when I went to put them on the nail so I had to keep trying to use one that wasn't cracked so I ended up going through a few packages of them. Before I could take the white strip for the French Manicure off the plastic sheet it would crack into tiny pieces. I tried everything but still they would crack and end up a mess. I went through several packages and still they were cracked and looked bad.I can't believe they can't get a silk wrap or another matieral that would not crack. The very next day after applying them they started to crack under the polish and fell off.

  • Charity T. - How do you review these?

    It's so hard to review pregnancy tests - I mean, either you are or you aren't. In my case, I ended up not being pregnant but I did get faint positives. I chalked it up to a chemical pregnancy. So again, maybe these are good? I gave them 3 stars b/c I didn't have any problems with them but I also wasn't blown away either - so an average rating. In the end, I'm sticking with the $.88 walmart tests!

  • denvergirl - Beware 2

    Horrible customer service. They are pretty sneaky with their monthy fees and how they bill. I will never order from the site again just on amazon. I have been waiting for a refund for over 4 months now. Like others have said never give them your credit card info. Beware of all the small writting.

  • Rachel H Lewis - Excellent customer service

    I've absolutely loved my iron! However recently I began having issues with it shutting off by itself while using it. It's less than a year old so I contacted customer service through email about the issue. They were awesome! I had a reply within 20 minutes that stated they were sending a replacement and a prepaid label to return the defective iron. I was shocked. Did not expect such amazing customer service! Fabulous company!!

  • Ricasuave78 - Love this Crock Pot!

    I did extensive research before buying this crock pot. I have another manual slow cooker by Kitchenaid which is 7 qts and very heavy, very hard to clean, and always seems to dry out food. I got this crock pot the other night and made my first meal in it. The programmable option was great and when it switched to the warm setting, did not over-dry the food. In fact, the chicken was so tender it shredded apart without any effort and the meal was wonderful. The unit is also much lighter weight and easier to clean and transport. I love it!