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  • Rick - Word Crashes and Loses Data - DON'T BUY!!!

    Completely unstable, even with the latest updates from Microsoft (Version 14.2.5 and I have OSX Mountain Lion 10.8.2 on a 2012 Macbook Pro, 16 gig memory). Word consumes more and more memory until finally it crashes. Twice it crashed so hard I had to reinstall the root drive from backup as it had corrupted system files beyond repair using disk utility! This product should not be on the market and Microsoft should be ashamed of selling it. Do yourself a favor... DON'T BUY THIS PRODUCT. I would have rated this zero stars if the rating system would let me... one star is the lowest rating but this deserves lower.

  • Posh - And the OSCAR goes to Stone Crop Gel Wash!!!!!!!

    This is the best gel wash for sensitive and dry skin. The smell is intoxicating! Stone Crop Gel leaves your skin refreshed, clean and balanced. There is no drying feeling whatsoever. Highly recommend for a daily cleanser!

  • Crystal K. - Read before you buy

    I have always struggled with acne even as an adult. I've tried so many creams...,Creams to control break outs, creams to diminish scars, creams for dry skin due to acne treatment. Yet nothing has worked! I was so exited to find this one to help with scars. I must say I was skeptical. But I thought I'd try it anyway. I have been using it 2x daily for almost two weeks now. I have since noticed slight fading of a few scars. Mostly newer scars. It doesn't fade the scars over night (nothing does) but is definitely worth trying. I think I need more time to get results noticeable to others. I plan to continue to use this and update in a few months.

  • NursingSchoolMom - BEWARE OF DOWNLOAD TIMES...otherwise GREAT

    My kids had asked for one for 2 years and we finally decided to get them one. I will say that we connected to the internet via Ethernet cord (since we had heard things would download faster)...NOT COMPLETELY TRUE. We bought Halo Master Chief Collection off the console via Microsoft for download & it took OVER 13 HOURS (NO JOKE...13 HOURS & NOT EXAGGERATING--it's a known problem) to download :( A HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT on Christmas Day! They received a game on disc as well and the download for it didn't take nearly as long. Moral of the story...buy the disc version of games & download (since EVERYTHING disc or no disc) MUST BE DOWNLOADED onto the Xbox. Otherwise, graphics are wonderful, games are great. My kids were surprised & VERY excited to own an xbox. They have played nonstop (not really, but it sure does feel that way)

  • Mjr58 - Very good product and value

    If you try to purchase a replacement antenna through either a dealer or part store you will be paying a much steeper price.

  • Shirley King - Applied Nutrition Longer, Stronger Hair and Nails

    This product was purchased out of concern for my brittle nails. However, my hair was damaged from being overly relaxed. I have found that this product works wonders for my nails. I have seen some change in my hair, but I know this will take more time than my nails. I will recommend this product to my friends.