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Sportovnн areбl Jedlovб - sport trochu jinak - Navљtivte sportovnн areбl Jedlovб. Иekб na vбs spousta zбbavy na sjezdovce i mimo ni. Vэbornэ sport a turistika na jednom mнstм.

Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 16.6333 Mesto Brno, Czechia

  • John's Horror Corner - So much more than "Ouija 2," Flanagan delivers a more mainstream horror movie LOADED with excellent scares, writing and acting!

    Written and directed by acclaimed horrorsmith Mike Flanagan (Absentia, Oculus, Hush), Origin of Evil seems to be an effort by a stylish director to make a more mainstream horror film. This may lack the full Flanagan treatment of nuance and style we’ve seen from him before, but I couldn’t be happier to see this anyway. His past films have been dark, intense, jarring and cerebral. Origin of Evil has just enough of these elements to elevate the film above most of the slapped-together-plot horror releases that plague theaters, but not so much Flanaganism as to divide fans and critics with too many questions (as was observed with Oculus).

  • Peter James - Monitor 👎

    This is the worst system aviable on the market. Don't waste your money , the unit I received is stuck on 16 % humidity , you have to shake it to even change the humidity levels , my $3 dollar walmart monitor works better 👎

  • Shanta Robinson - Beats out Skintight

    I am black man who stumbled on this product while I was searching for a aftershave product that has no alcohol because I believe that does more damage than good to your skin. This product is great and I really prefer this to all men and women of different skin types. Not only do i apply this to my beard but also all around my face. I suggest that you use a half a cotton ball (simply by tearing the cotton ball in half) when applying the product to avoid wasting it.

  • Kevin Ashworth - Best Chromebook ever!

    Only had this a couple of days, but it runs circles around my old Samsung Chromebook. Love the processor speed, download/website load speeds (getting 220Mbps in the office about 50ft from our router, 4x what I did with the Samsung from the same location and almost 50Mbps better than my new Nexus 5X), the light weight, the keyboard feel and the display is as good as a $1500 Sony Vaio I bought last year before they stopped making them, all for a 5th of the price. Overall very pleased and understand now why it was back-ordered last week on release...Best Chromebook ever!

  • cint4rmheaven - DO NOT TAKE

    I took these pills the first morning with the vitamins that come with it and about an hour later felt very nauseous. I took it with my protein drink for breakfast and water and definitely do not like the way this product makes you feel. Still feeling sick 5 hours later. I read bad reviews on other sites that are not affiliated with the product and it had warning reviews about the amount of caffeine, etc in these pills that are known to cause heart attacks.

  • Texicali - Terrible Update

    I have used previous versions of this software for years. The latest update is terrible. Heed the other reviews. It is a repackaged version of Quicken at a ridiculously high price. The rental property add on wants desperately tie into helping you balance your checking account rather than give you property performance. Interestingly it notices the amount deducted from the checking account for a mortgage payment, but you can't segregate what portion of that payment goes to principal and which portion goes to interest. That would be fine if it were like previous years and you could work on a cash accounting basis and at the end of the year work on the end of year report, adjusting the interest paid for the year.

  • Living In Irvine, CA - Good Design, Fair Construction

    First let me say that the Sportsman Guild supplied excellent service once notified of the problem, though I decided to keep the product and fix it myself, rather than return it. Now to the product.