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    There is no evidence HGH is safe long term. And it costs an arm and a leg. 85% of men develop prostate cancer by age 80 normally with HGH levels less than that of a 20 yr old. What do you think will happen when men who are predisposed to prostate cancer get higher than normal exposure to HGH over a long period of time? That's right, aggressive deadly prostate cancer in their 60s. What a bargain! Why not try a reasonable diet, strength train and invest your money in some good stocks? These hucksters who don't practice medicine are snake oil salesmen who don't care about you, just your wallet.

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  • R. Brown - Works better than the generic brands.

    I have trouble breathing at night. My options are surgery, or wearing one of these each night. I've been choosing Breathe Right over surgery. I could buy these at my local grocery and make use of those easy to find $2 coupons, but the Amazon price is still cheaper. This is one of the items I have on "Subscribe and Pay" with Amazon. My only complaint with Amazon is they frequently run out of stock. My only complaint with Breathe Right is the price. I've tried the cheap, generic alternatives but they don't work as well and fall off during the night. Guess I'll keep paying more and use the brand that works.

  • Major misunderstanding - Screaming in pain

    I washed a bag of these down with a whole gallon of Tuscan whole milk and now my backside is haunted. it looks like some kind of messed up Turkish remake of "Ghostbusters".

  • S. Pierre - Great product

    I love this cream. I have oily skin , I love to use this product before i put my makeup on after washing my face. A little bit goes a long way . It has a greasy feeling but it fades away after a couple of seconds. I really love the orangy smell.

  • Michele Sobelman - 1 year on Thrive

    I've been taking Thrive for a year now. I'm reading all of these customer reviews on it and laughing. Everyone is different and effected differently. It doesn't make the product bad. My advice to you all is to try it for yourself. At first it may feel strange as if you are way too caffeinated but about a week in its amazing. I remember all of my senses intensifying. I could smell better and colors seemed to pop. I also have been running and exercising every morning before work. It feels like someone is turning a switch on inside of you. You're energized and clear minded. It always reminded me of that movie limitless. If you are taking Thrive to pop a pill and hope it does all of the weight loss work for you then don't buy it. It's best to think of it this way, this system makes you feel amazing so that you want to move more and that's how you will drop the weight.

  • Houston - Great alternative

    Learned about this product at frys while shopping for a basic computer tower. This has a great look to it and saves space. very quiet and works perfect for those looking to browse the internet and music. I hooked this up to a dual monitor and have had no problems so far, just like any other computer ive ever used. As far as the other comment regarding choppiness, it might just be their internet connection. I played a 1080p music video in full screen without any glitches