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Tech-enhanced Life | More Quality Life - Use our Curated Insights, Analysis, & Decision-support Tools to make the challenges of growing older less challenging. Spend more time doing what you love to do, and less time searching for solutions and worrying.

  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/analysis-exploration Analysis and Exploration | Tech-enhanced Life - Analysis and exploration of topics relating to aging, technology and better living.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/explorer-discussions-live-audio Explorer Discussions: Live Audio | Tech-enhanced Life - Ever wanted to be a fly on the wall while a group of older adults discussed a product or problem you care about? Now you can. Scroll down to listen to live audio recordings of our Longevity Explorer circles talking about unmet needs associated with growing older; critiquing specific products; brainstorming solutions to some of the challenges of aging; and comparing notes about gadgets they like to use.  
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/services-innovators Services for Innovators | Tech-enhanced Life - The Longevity Explorers can help you develop better products and services for older adults. Products that actually solve real problems that people like us have.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/about Virtual community seeking tools for better aging | Tech-enhanced Life - We are a collaborative community formed to identify, trial, review, and evaluate ways that technology can help our parents, patients (and us) experience a more vital and exciting life as they age.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/content/longevity-explorers Longevity Explorers: About | Tech-enhanced Life - The Longevity Explorers are a group of Citizen Observers, Evaluators & Makers. Working together to improve the quality of life of people as they age. Goals: Harness the power of the crowd to create insights that seniors and their families can use today to improve their quality of life. And collaborate with others to create new products and services that will change the future of aging.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/learn-aging-challenges What's new? Latest Content. | Tech-enhanced Life - The latest content at Tech-enhanced Life, on aging, technology, and better quality of life as we age.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/overcome-challenges-aging Explorer Results | Tech-enhanced Life - Ever wished you could make that "aging-related" challenge less challenging? Either for yourself or for your aging parent?
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/problems-solutions Problems and Solutions of aging | Tech-enhanced Life - Our community articulates problems of aging, and investigates solutions to them
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/resources Products & Resources: Better living, aging, technology | Tech-enhanced Life - Useful Products and Resources, shared by our Explorer Community, to overcome challenges of aging. From Tech-enhanced Life and the Longevity Explorers.
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  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/things Things: Better living, aging, technology | Tech-enhanced Life - Tools to help overcome the challenges of aging, organized by type of thing. Actionable Insights, Articles, Explorer Discussions, Useful Products & Resources.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/share-knowledge-experiences Share your Knowledge, Opinions & Experiences | Tech-enhanced Life - Share your insights, knowledge and experiences on the challenges of growing older with our Longevity Explorers and Tech-enhanced Life.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/analysis/medical-alert-systems-help Medical Alert Systems: Help! | Tech-enhanced Life - Which medical alert systems are best? How do I choose the right medical alert system for me? Get independent, objective answers to these questions.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/analysis/useful-apps-club The "Useful Apps Club" | Tech-enhanced Life - Unlock the potential of your smartphone or tablet to improve your life. Find useful Apps and learn how to use them. For seniors, boomers, older adults.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/analysis/caring-afar-guide-home-sensor-systems Caring from Afar: Guide to Home Sensor Systems | Tech-enhanced Life - Read our report on this new category of products, designed to help seniors stay at home longer, and to help their families worry about them less. There are important lessons to be learned about which ones work, and for which types of circumstance they are optimal.
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/explorers/best-lighted-cane Best lighted cane | Tech-enhanced Life - Our Explorer circles of older adults wanted a walking cane with a light that would help make getting out at night safer. The Explorers found some promising lighted canes online, purchased a few that looked especially good, tried them out, and decided on one which was "the best". 
  • https://www.techenhancedlife.com/citizen-research/best-pill-reminder-app-explorer-choice Best Pill Reminder App: Explorer Choice | Tech-enhanced Life - We set out to pick the best pill reminder app to share with the Longevity Explorers. We found two apps we want to recommend, each of which is good for a slightly different life situation.

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  • The Johnston's - my OROGOLD experiance

    I had initially hesitated from purchasing the product because of the price. But, the lady somehow managed to convince me with a free product demo. I suffer from oily and acne prone skin and my skin breaks out quite often as well. I was a bit apprehensive about applying the products on my skin, but when I saw the amount of dead skin it peels off, I start believing in the product. I purchased it and applied it in the coming weeks hoping to get better results. I was surprised when I started getting compliments about my complexion. This was a first for me and I was really pleased.

  • dkbmxrider - the best for its price

    the price is low and its a good bike very light weight. the frame and the fork and very sturdy. he tires are i would say they are good for dirt or street.