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  • Dorothea L. - I Feel Good About Using This

    I have four dogs. I don't brush their teeth yet. Over the last year I have been using my finger to coat the outside of their teeth (cheek side) with this or an enzymatic cleaner about once a week. I saw a Youtube that suggested it. It is not as good as brushing daily, but much better than nothing. My regular vet charges $600-$700 for one large dog teeth cleaning. The "far away" dog dentist that I would trust is half that--but multiply that times four dogs, That is crazy. This helps.


    Both my husband and I use the Simple Sugars Scrubs and absolutely LOVE them. We are most fond of the Vanilla and the Gingerbread scents but have used the Coconut, Almond, Coffee and other scents. This product is amazing. No more dry skin and no more lotions/crèmes. Just a few spoonfuls of Simple Sugars (it comes with a small spoon to get the product out of the jar) when showering and you are on your way to smoothness. We would not travel anywhere without it. Such a huge difference in our skin since we began using this product - buy it - you won't be disappointed.

  • Doug Michalak - but after I put it in a couple burritos and other recipes that I like, the texture is gross

    I've been a vegetarian for 28 years now (since I was 7 years old). I bought some daiya "cheese" after hearing the rave reviews online about it. I think I might be a "supertaster" and I am a very picky eater and have Asperger's syndrome. Anyways this stuff tastes excactly the same as if I were to chew on a plastic grocery bag after sprinkling salt on it. It does melt, but after I put it in a couple burritos and other recipes that I like, the texture is gross, and it kept sticking to my teeth after every bite. I had to move my tongue around and try to get it off my teeth after every bite or use my fingers, Disgusting. I guess it is edible though, not melted, but it is pretty nasty, it tastes nothing like real cheese. On the plus side a couple of my cats like it, so they will finish it off for me.

  • Joe R. Mayo - Only time will tell if Kaspersky is as good as reviews and rating say

    Only time will tell if Kaspersky is as good as reviews and rating say. I use it in three laptops. Gave up Norton for this.

  • Nick F. - Terribly Buggy Software

    I downloaded this software the other day. It is absolutely atrocious. I consider myself fairly smart and can use most software. This program is full of bugs and hasn't worked properly since I set it up. I'm getting fatal errors now and the program won't even start. I've used quickbooks site and have reinstalled this program probably around 8 times now. When I went to reinstall today (because that's what intuit's support website recommended) the program won't even reinstall. This program is an absolute dud. Do not purchase and do not buy it. Use an excel spreadsheet or save your money for an accountant. This program is absolutely not worth it. I want my money back and will never use this program again.

  • Wongrclv - Great Bat, my daughter loves this bat

    Great Bat, my daughter loves this bat. This is the 3rd one she has used. (Different sizes) Would buy again