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  • Laura - Wow ... should have read the reviews first

    Now I am actually pissed off at their product support. I have no problems with this product at home, but when skiing the camera has locked up (aka froze) multiple times while taking video and the only solution was to remove and replace the battery. I spent weeks with their customer service going through steps of manually updating the firmware, reformatting the memory card, running battery tests, and finally they sent me a new housing claiming "it must be the housing" because "we have never seen any freeze issues". Nothing solved the problem. Just yesterday I finally convinced them to send me a new camera. Crossing my fingers I get a "good one". Don't let them give you the run around if you have a "bad one".

  • Sue Z - Buyer beware, Online description states to be soy free, but isn't

    The first shipment I received stated soy-free on the packaging but soon after subsequent shipments I received stated on the packaging that it contained soy. I'm allergic so I had to stop taking it before I could determine if it was effective. I would try it again if it was a soy-free formula.

  • Lisa Eagen - Considering the reviews, I had to give this a try...

    I have a 16 year old son who is autistic and has had the worst breath of any one I have ever known. We initially though it was because of his limited diet choices when he was younger, but as he aged, so did his appetite, tremendously. Then we thought maybe its his dental hygiene care. We also had to dismiss that as well as his bi-annual checkup's are perfect. Unfortunately, being a teenager he is becoming very hyper-sensitive about this. It wasn't until I accidentally found this product while searching for toothpastes and just happened to see the extremely high ratings, which made me inquire into what the product was and also decided to try it. When I received it and was reading more about it helping with dry mouth, which I suffer from, I decided to try it too. I discovered nearly immediately with my son that his breath had ZERO odor. It was like it was just natural. It was the most amazing thing. It also helped my dry mouth but not quite as quick. I am now 100% sold on these products and I plan to extend the line we will use. Nothing is bad tasting either, which is the perfect way to get a 16 year old autistic kid to try things! Thank you Dr. Katz! You've really changed the fate for a high school kid who already is being pick on for having a disability. Adding chronic bad breath on top, basically just put a bulls eye on his forehead for more things for kids to be mean to him for. You have helped my son take some of that power back! I read your bio about your daughter so I'm assuming you understand. Thank you again! Buy this product people, it's awesome!