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  • Eldenida Caceres ID - Amazing product, works fast!

    I was search for a new product which would help minimize my lines of expression & i found this product which contains the natural formula of Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Jojoba Oil, Green Tea if you are in to beauty product you probably hear of all the mirecles this product does on you skin. I have all of these product and I use Aloe Vera as a healing element when i get burn, as a face wash because it has antibacterial property, prevents break out and it is great for sensitive skin. There so many other things that it could be used for. Witch Hazel i own a toner it helps me minize my pores and it leaves my face refreshing. I have a bottle of Jojoba Oil I use it before going to sleep, it does not leave my skin oily, it has help me with breakouts a lot, It also leaves my hair looking shinning and healthy. Green Tea amazing product contains disinfecting properties helps for really bad break outs it is kind of strong so it is recommended to put on small amount. All theses great products combine makes the perfect combination for a healthy skin, minimizing wrinkles.

  • Allison - this is a good value. I have only ever had them fail ...

    My husband won't let me put holes in the wall (roll eyes) so these work perfectly. Compared to buying in the store, unless you can find a store that takes coupons and let you use them on these, this is a good value. I have only ever had them fail once on a larger frame, so I really do like using them. I am currently using them outside under an overhang, so we will see if they hold up outdoors or not.

  • Outdoor_Camper - This works well. It didn't silence our pump, ...

    This works well. It didn't silence our pump, but it did help out with the noise. Our pump is mounted on a thin board and it rattles every time it kicks in. Once I added the extra length of flexible tubing, it dampened the sound considerably.

  • Perkins - Far Exceeds My Expectations . . .

    I purchased these in hopes (and I do mean "hopes") that these were going to work. I am pre-menopausal and diabetic - 2 of the worse conditions for any woman. With both conditions you, more than likely, stand to get yeast infections. I have tried so many probiotics including the highly recommended, yet very expensive (but also great) product called Ultimate Flora. I am so happy to say that these far exceed my expectations, and the cost is greatly appreciated. At $52 for the Ultimate Flora, compared to Pro-B's $18, I can more readily afford this product on my monthly budget. One other thing - the pill size is also much smaller than Ultimate Flora.

  • Mohan Kapoor - Great stuff

    Got it to solve the cockroach problem at home in India. Worked like a charm.......they disappeared literally overnight. Do not need to use this a lot, but sparingly and is very effective. It has now been a month, and they have not reappeared. Highly recommend it.

  • cierra - Perfect for new mothers!!

    I got this Back Seat Baby Mirror for a friend of mine that is going to have a baby shower this weekend. I can’t really decide what to get her cause there is to many things that a new mother needs. But anyways, I’m grateful that I’ve found this through my browsing because I never thought of it and this baby mirror is really helpful. I know how it feels not being able to see what’s going on at the back when your baby is facing the other way. Always worried that something wrong. Anyways, I know it’s not a good idea to be always looking at the back, but this mirror is wide so you can look at the reflection of the mirror in your front mirror. LOL I hope I explained it correctly. I really want to mention it because it was my first thought of this product. Another thought was mirror shattering; the description says the mirror is made of shatter-proof glass. “SHATTER-PROOF GLASS - When we design our products, the one thing we have in mind as our top priority is YOUR precious baby and its safety. That is why we have designed this mirror with a shatter proof acrylic glass surface so it can withstand any impact anytime. Have a piece of mind knowing your precious cargo is safe at all times.” I receive this mirror at a discounted price or free and I’m really happy with it.

  • DisneyMom - Great for kids!

    I have to start by saying I love the sticker on the box. I will try to include a photo. The image promotes a feeling of excitement, making it fun to open. When they say poster sized, they mean it. This is a huge calendar. Its printed on paper thats a bit thicker than your standard paper poster so that's a plus. The months are printed in alternating colors, however, I feel it would be easier to read if the colors were a bit further apart on the color spectrum. The stockers included are simply circles that you place over the bubble wrap and it hides the number. It would be great if the number were printed on the bubble wrap and we had the ability to put the custom event behind it. All in all, this is a great way to keep my kids engaged in learning the days of the week, and judging time. They are excited to pop the bubbles everyday. As a bonus, there are bubbles that are around the calendar making it easier when alternating who gets to pop it.