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MS. What's the big idea? - The World vs.MS - Every day millions of people live with multiple sclerosis (MS).With unpredictable symptoms, day-to-day tasks can be a struggle.

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  • Joshua D. Abram - Garbage

    The game was fun for a very short time it isn't even Diablo anymore and I find it sad that games like Torchlight and Path of Exile are far more of a Diablo game than the third installment. Though Torchlight has the main remnants of Blizzard North. Blizzard South should stick to their guys and only do WoW because it is good not alienate another game with the streamlined garbage and basic rule changes that made the past games so good. I am generous enough to give the game 2 stars because I semi enjoyed it up to level 60 and a few paragon levels before it got totally boring. The online AH really ruined the game and how the drop rate of items work, it should have never received an AH in the first place.

  • Fjaxyu - Book was long, difficult to understand and confusing

    The authors seemed to sure do their part to make this book as confusing as possible. whether it be consistency throughout the book, or using the same variables (g) in two different equations where g was two completely different things. The workout problems that we required to be done were also quite confusing, with little to explanation of answers and how to actually work out the problems. Used the online code at cengage, and it was just awful.

  • Colts Fan - Better than Buying a New Waterproof Camera

    My Kodak Playsport waterproof camera started giving me problems so I was planning to buy a new underwater camera in the $250 to $300 range when I saw these cases on amazon. $15 for two cases sure beats $250 to $300. Since there were so many similar looking cases on amazon, I purchased both this Yosh case and a Joto case which cost me a buck more. Other than the different style of clasps on the two cases, everything else was identical. I find that the clasps on this Yosh case are easier to remove when you need to get your phone out but is still secure enough that you won't ever need to worry about accidentally unlocking them.

  • richard perez - Buck quality still

    I use it "clean" deer. I used it five times last season. Does not need sharpening. Curvature of blade makes it easy to skin. Handle is very comfortable to hold; no slipping in your hand.

  • Gary McLaughlin - Defective seal

    The unit itself is nice. The problem lies with the gasket or seal around the filter fox. The rubber gasket continues to separate from the molding. I have re-glued mine three times. It appears there is a new and improved seal, but the seller, Kernersville Dodge, is horrible. I contacted them three times. Every time I was promised a call back, however, I never received one.

  • Ski-ball - Amazon reviewers can be crazy sometimes.

    The costume is fine. I detect no overpowering "chemical smell". So don't worry about that. It is a cheap Halloween costume that will survive for an additional few months for dress up play.