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  • BrittanyB. - They always break!!!

    This is the fifth one I've gotten. It totally busts after two months. I want to be clear, this has NOTHING TO DO WITH THE SELLER, as I have gone out of my way to purchase these from various stores and online sellers. This product is just cheap. I will say, it does it's job, while it works. It does not completely remove the hair, so there is some stubble, but it's perfect for touch ups. Too bad it doesn't last longer than 8 weeks. And no, it isn't the battery. The light comes on but the little razors or whatever you want to call them simply stop working.

  • Amazon Customer - But what I liked the most was Steve's own epiphany that life is ...

    I've never read a sports autobiography before, but I started this book and couldn't put it down. I have adult children that struggle with anxiety. If they've ever wondered if they could keep going and make a difference, I hope they read this book. But what I liked the most was Steve's own epiphany that life is stressful when you believe you have to please others; it becomes a delightful challenge when you switch that to simply becoming (and discovering) the best you can be. And, that when you focus on serving others who are less fortunate, you forget about your own troubles.

  • Kindle Customer - Do not get suckered by the mall kiosk ambush tactics!

    My daughter and I were ambushed at a mall kiosk by an overly aggressive, male PYT accessory salesman. It was like he was selling used cars or mattresses. The price started at $200. Then it dropped to $150. Then it was $99 and included 5 free styling sessions. At the mall. We do not travel to the mall to have our hair styled. He pointed out a 4 year old girl having her hair curled a la Toddlers & Tiaras. I am 46, not 4. He then came up with his magical employee discount he said he could give us just that one time. I whipped out the iPad, found the flat iron on Amazon for $36 shipped to my door. He stammered that it would not be covered by the super-valuable warrantee. In my 35 years of hair product ownership, I have never had a curling iron repaired. And Amazon is beyond reproach in Customer Service should it have arrived damaged. This is an awesome flat iron. We have very thick, wavy/curly hair. This gets it Marcia Brady flat and it lasts for days. Buy it here. I'd rather buy magazine subscriptions from a Jehovah's Witness at my back door than deal with the mall ambush tactics.


    I use this for skin tags and it works like a charm.....Just remember to hold it on for 20 seconds.... I press the skin tag between the applicator tip and a tongue depressor .... Although sometimes you need help depending on the location...

  • Jason - Great to keep from distracted driving

    My dogs love car rides and for the most part they do great but occasionally they get a little hyper and that's where these seatbelt leashes as I call them come in handy. When they are hyper and trying to climb up front or over people it can be distracting especially if it's the driver. So I simply click these into the seatbelt and attach them to there collars and the only people they can bother is themselves. Kinda like riding with kids. I really like how you can adjust the length so they don't feel to restricted but can still be shortened if need be.

  • Ryan - I definitely recommend this

    I used it on a bike tour and I have gone 7 days without charging the battery in the wall. I definitely recommend this item

  • Amazon Customer - Small servings

    Product tasted exactly what we thought it would, bags are much smaller than anticipated, great for picnics. Kids item for sure.