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Clinically validated tDCS technology | TCT - We were the first to make tdcs available to a wider audience, beginning of 2012. Since then we have made in impact on peoples lives worldwide.

  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/end-users-patients/what-is-tdcs/ Introduction to tDCS | TCT - A tDCS stimulator sends a small electric DC current through the electrodes, creating a flow of electrical current in the brain.
  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/end-users-patients/who-should-use-tdcs/ Who should use tDCS | TCT - Safety, ease of use and general absence of severe side effects allows tDCS to be done at home. Some risks are...
  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/end-users-patients/tdcs-stimulator-products/ tDCS stimulator products - TCT - tDCS stimulator kit. What makes our tDCS products special? Critical to the success of our tDCS units are the extensive safety and monitoring features.
  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/end-users-patients/tdcs-manuals/ tDCS manuals | TCT - The TCT tDCS stimulator manual, 10/20 system positioning protocol, tDCS montage reference, Cortical functions reference
  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/healthcare-providers/ tDCS resources for healthcare providers - Starting with tDCS can be an overwhelming task. We want to help you be successful when it comes to your tDCS therapy. Find more information about tDCS.
  • https://www.trans-cranial.com/tct/about-us/ About us | TCT - TCT Research unites caring with discovery to make life better for people around the world.

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  • DC JAKE - Probably the best headset out there if you can live with the size and design

    This is a great headset if you can handle the size and fit. I used the Bose BT headset for years because if its incredibly small size and great fit, but Bose stopped making them. This seemed the best option, and I really like the fact that it's all controlled by physical buttons, has a handy mute button (biggest omission with the Bose headset), and has good to great sound quality. Although it does fold up, it's big and does not have a sleek or beautiful design. Fit and security are OK, but not great, and it would be nice if the ear piece sealed better. The one huge demerit is the proprietary charging port, which requires a special cable (included, but easily lost). Just get the charging case, which protects the headset, can be charged with a regular micro-USB cable (and simultaneously charges the headset when it's in the case), and provides a huge amount of talk time as it recharges the headset when it's stored in the case. Don't waste your money on an extra cable; you'll never use it if you get the case.

  • Nichole W. - New brand to me, but in love already

    This organic eye cream comes in a luxurious bottle which ensures the product's stability and portability when traveling. The fabulous design of the container makes it look high end with all ingredients and directions clear and easy to read on the packaging.

  • Daniel E. - Great product

    The software arrived on time and I installed it on my windows 8.1 computer. Everything is as promised, This is the only greeting card / label maker I will ever need.