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Auckland Orthodontists | Turnerlim Auckland Orthodontics - Located in New Lynn, Turner Lim Auckland Orthodontists are trained Orthodontic Specialists. Orthodontists, Doctor Fiona Turner and Doctor Donna Lim Orthodontists Auckland.

  • http://www.turnerlim.co.nz/our-practice/about-the-doctors/ Fiona Turner & Donna Lim | Turnerlim Orthodontists Auckland - Along with their team our NZAO authorised Orthodontists, Doctor Fiona Turner & Doctor Donna Lim, provide diagnosis, prevention and treatment of orthodontic problems.
  • http://www.turnerlim.co.nz/appointments/making-an-appointment/ Making An Appointment - Turnerlim New Lynn - Welcome to Turnerlim. You do not need a referral although many of our patients do. Please fill in our appointment form below and we will be in touch.
  • http://www.turnerlim.co.nz/treatment/what-is-orthodontics/ What is Orthodontics? Turnerlim Auckland Orthodontics - Orthodontics is the diagnosis, prevention & treatment of problems in the alignment of the teeth & jaws. Visit New Lynn Auckland Orthodontics Turnerlim.
  • http://www.turnerlim.co.nz/common-bite-problems/ Common Bite Problems - Turnerlim New Lynn, Auckland - Upper Front Teeth Protusion. The appearance and function of your teeth are impacted by this type of bite. Upper teeth extending too far forward.
  • http://www.turnerlim.co.nz/our-location/ Referring Doctors - TurnerLim - Referring Doctors. We greatly appreciate all the referrals we receive from our dental colleagues. Your trust and support in our practice is important to us.

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  • gqjeff - Sleek and sexy new look with the sharkfin.

    Added this to our new R/T Durango. Its gives the truck such a better look without any loss of reception. Every car should come with these. Its almost 2014...

  • AlisonW - Intelligent historical read

    I love a good, intelligent historical novel. There are so many out there, and I have to be honest and say that, on many occasions, I have bought a promising looking book, only to abandon it within the first few chapters. Very often, the detail won't be right, or the characters will behave in a way that just isn't realistic for the time. One of the main issues though is that the dialogue can be so hard to get right. I've read so many historical novels where the characters use words that just wouldn't have been around in the period in which they are set, or, alternatively, where the writer is so keen to make the dialogue authentic that they overdo it and render the book unreadable.

  • robert larkin - probably the worse glue made

    probably the worse glue made . this is a waste of money its strength is maybe 5 pounds at best. I have used all types of glue and this is just plain junk. I have a glass and furniture repair business and also repairchina, pottery andceramics. this glue is useless on all of it. don't waste your time or money.