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  • erik - Works great and fits my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

    Works great and fits my Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. It has room for the cable to come out on the side too. Compared to the Gear VR from Samsung, the image looks like it sits further back and does not go as far around on the sides as the Gear VR. But for the price it works well and I like it a lot!

  • david poulin - Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ...

    Stay away from AVAST. I had Avast a year ago, had problems with my PC after installing an update, contacted avast, they hi-jacked my computer and want me to pay to fix it. I cancelled Avast brought my PC to be repaired. In December 2014 they emailed me about Auto Renew, I emailed them back and said absolutely do not Auto renew, they did anyway, cannot talk to a live person they hide behind the website. Waiting to hear from them, I am contacting my credit card company now. Beware of Avast.