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Mobile, Secure Communication | Vocera - Vocera delivers secure, integrated and intelligent communication solutions that enable care teams to collaborate. Solutions include hands-free voice communication, secure text messaging, patient engagement tools, and integrated clinical workflow with EHRs, nurse call systems and physiological monitors.

  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/healthcare-communication Healthcare Communication | Vocera - Healthcare communication breakdowns contribute to medical errors and impact staff satisfaction. Vocera technology enhances healthcare communication efficiency.
  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/operational-excellence Operational Excellence | Vocera - Optimize care team collaboration to use resources efficiently, increase revenue, reduce expenses, and achieve Operational Excellence.
  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/patient-experience Patient Experience | Vocera - Patient experience is more than customer service or “chasing” higher HCAHPS, or satisfaction ratings. True patient experience reflects the total perceived value from interacting with a health system. It encompasses clinical innovation and operating standards that have a positive ripple effect throughout the health delivery system. The best experience is a seamless, compassionate healthcare journey — from the first impression to the last.
  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/care-team-experience Care Team Experience | Vocera - Returning providers to purpose and restoring joy to the practice of medicine is a necessity in the current healthcare environment. Clinician burnout, which is on the rise, impacts quality of care, patient and staff satisfaction, and clinical outcomes. Improvement can stem from organizational strategy and governance, operating model and infrastructure, culture, and technological innovation that is centered around the human experience of care delivery.
  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/hospitality Instant, Discreet Communication Solutions for Hospitality | Vocera - Vocera helps increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, staff productivity and responsiveness, augments the VIP treatment for which luxury hotels are known.
  • https://www.vocera.com/industry-solution/nuclear Mobile, Mission-critical Communication Solutions for Energy Plants | Vocera - Vocera helps nuclear energy providers increase staff productivity and efficiency while decreasing downtime, radiation exposure and overhead costs.
  • https://www.vocera.com/libraries Increase Patronage and Productivity in Libraries | Vocera - The Vocera solution enables instant communication between staff members to offer a more personalized and satisfying experience for library visitors.
  • https://www.vocera.com/retail Increasing Staff Efficiency and Customer Experience in Retail | Vocera - Vocera enables retailers to connect with co-workers in other parts of the store, creating a seamless and attentive customer experience and increasing efficiency.
  • https://www.vocera.com/long-term-care Improving Communication at Long-Term Care and Assisted Living Facilities | Vocera - Vocera enables mobile workers at long-term care facilities to communicate with staff while attending to residents’ needs, saving time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2022 Voice Communication | Vocera - Reach the right person on the right device, whether inside or outside the hospital, instantly with Vocera’s voice communication solutions.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2011 Vocera Collaboration Suite | Vocera - Vocera’s HIPAA-compliant secure texting solution ensures secure, convenient communication and improves workflow with intelligent message-routing capabilities.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2023 Secure Texting & Collaboration | Vocera - Vocera improves care team communication on any device with secure texting, hands free voice, and clinical data sharing, both inside and outside the hospital.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2041 Secure Texting | Vocera - Secure texting extends the power of the Vocera Communication Platform to physicians and care teams that are located both inside and outside the hospital. Secure texting balances security and convenience by providing an easy alternative to non-secure SMS texting and includes basic voice capabilities to enhance communication and collaboration.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2031 Patient Engagement | Vocera - Care Experience combines patient engagement, communication, and care coordination into a single solution to improve the overall patient experience.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/1773 Vocera Pre-Arrival Communication | Vocera - Send timely information to patients prior to scheduled procedures to streamline the admission process, minimize no-shows and cancellations and ensure compliance with procedure instructions.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/51 Care Rounds | Vocera - Measure and manage patient experience during a hospital stay in real-time to evaluate gaps and deploy improvement interventions.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/50 Discharge Communication | Vocera - Live discharge instructions are recorded and made available for patients, families and other care providers to review any time using any device.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/41 Patient Follow Up Calls | Vocera - Care Calls is a post discharge follow-up solution that includes workflows, call scripts, checklists, and risk stratification information.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2015 Care Transition Notification | Vocera - Bridge gaps as patients leave the hospital by sending care notifications and instructions to Primary Care Physicians (PCP) or Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF).
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/52 Business Intelligence | Vocera - state-of-the-art analytics engine with real-time data analysis, trends, and dashboards for managing your patients’ experience and quality of care.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2025 Vocera Communication Platform | Vocera - Vocera provides a secure, scalable, integrated communication platform that enables physicians and staff to deliver quality care across the patient journey.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2021 Care Team and Staff Assignment Software | Vocera - The Vocera Communication Platform and its advanced staff assignment system enable the right information to reach the right person, at the right time, on the right device, anywhere. This intelligent workflow system is based on name- role- and group routing and includes escalation paths that factor in shift changes and availability. Using simple, intuitive commands such as “call Room 4101 nurse” or “Cardiac Code Team,” physicians, nurses and other staff members can reach the right person or group instantly.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2018 Vocera Clinical System Integrations | Vocera - Vocera integrates seamlessly with clinical systems such as EHR, nurse call, patient monitoring and patient flow systems improving communication and workflow.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2024 Integrations, Alerts & Alarms | Vocera - Ensure critical hospital alerts and alarms reach the right person with the context needed to respond instantly.
  • https://www.vocera.com/node/2019 EHR Integrations | Vocera - Vocera integrates directly with Electronic Health Record Systems enabling notifications and alerts to be sent to the right care team member without logging in.

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  • Purchaser Bbrw - Excellent product, does just what it says it will

    Excellent product, does just what it says it will. My teeth were much whiter after just a few sessions. After the first session the light that came with it stopped emitting beeps when the timer ran out. I emailed them and they immediately sent a replacement which works fine.

  • heymarilyn - Compatibility issues with Windows 8

    it has glitches in the firewall when you use it with Windows 8. Our computer guy is tearing his hair out, I have never seen him stumped in all the years we've known him. But he has many customers with firewall issues on this version of QB, computers that can't communicate with each other on a network for data entry, etc. buyer beware. hang on to your old version if you can.

  • Matthew Cring - Fun learning tool

    There's a bit of a time lag, even when you hook it up to external speakers. MUCH better when you do that though. I Think it's a bit better for guitar than bass. It comes with a pretty good selection of songs stock, but you have the option to purchase from a really nice library of songs.

  • Patrick Buhrs - Please think again.

    Please think again. A Lenovo with a 3 month warranty ??!! Not a good sign. Mine is 5 month old now and it will not stay running long enough to watch a 45 minute show on Netflix. Watching Netflix is the primary reason I bought the unit. Lenovo has a utility that pops up to check for updates and do a hardware scan to fix any errors. Mine locks up every time I run this utility. I'm sorry I didn't spend the extra money and get the Intel Compute Stick with a 1 year warranty.

  • okiemeg - 5 Stars

    Probably one of the best things I've bought off of amazon, it was a great deal and I use it almost every day. My hair is VERY hard to curl and this works amazingly, I would buy again.

  • lulu - At first I thought it was great but now I have a cold and my blood ...

    I have taken Juice Plus for 21/2 years. At first I thought it was great but now I have a cold and my blood work is worst it has ever been. I believe if I eat more fruit and vegetables and take a good vitamin it will give me the same benefits. I know it would be less expensive.

  • Michael - I have super realistic dreams

    Taken during the day, I don't notice a single thing. When I take it a few hours before bed, I have super realistic dreams. Unfortunately for me, they aren't necessarily dreams I want to be having. That's no fault on the product, so while it does work, I wouldn't say it always works as intended.