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  • Nicole Love - Brand New

    I just received it in the mail yesterday. Took my 2 capsules last night and 2 today. We'll see if it works. Hope it does. I've used other brands before and they seemed to show some improvement but results didn't seem to last. Hoping the results will be noticeable with this and that they will last.

  • P McAnnally - I'm sleeping better. My night sweats are better

    I have been using this product for one week. Wow what a difference. I'm sleeping better. My night sweats are better. Even my appetite has improved. I'm not even crying for commercial! If this product continues to work as well over the future I will be a repeat customer thank you for helping me feel better.

  • Ann Imig - Required Reading: Laugh and Get Woke 101

    I'm Judging You could be subtitled "Laugh and Get Woke 101" and should be required reading for all of us. We can all do better, and Luvvie shows us how with her unique hilarious thought-provoking irreverent no-holds-barred guide. Bonus: slang conveniently annotated and decoded for even the whitest among us (raises hand).

  • TheGear - Excellent book, but not for Kindle

    I'm sorry to report that this book should not be purchased for the Kindle. It's well-written and diverse, but the equations do not scale up and down when one scales the fonts, and they are inevitably too gray, too faint, and too small to be read. I'm looking forward to reading the book in hard copy. (I should point out that I have one of the old, black and white, non back-lit Kindles. Your mileage may vary.)

  • Zack B. - Wish I ordered another option.

    Does not work nearly as well as the few other pills I have tried with the exact same ingredient percentages, floaters and light sensitivity were much less with the other pills.

  • Michael B. - great product, looks like an OEM item, color matches perfectly

    I was very pleased with this shark fin antenna - the price was good, paint matched perfectly, I had my new antenna within a week, it was easy to install, and it's made in Canada. Terrific product; really steps up the look of the car's design. I belong to a forum called the Jeep Cherokee Club, and as far as I know, nobody has had any problems with it.

  • Sarah Rega - Great for costumes

    Came out great on my nails and lasted a long time. Gotta love the sparkles! This will be a great addition to my collection.