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Country:, Europe, RU

City: 73.4 Omskaya Oblast', Russia

  • Mr. S - just average terminated speaker cable

    Last thursday my gran decided to visit and bring along her pet rabbit, binky, as usual, she let it roam around the house (front and back door was closed of course, and the cat was out.)

  • Debra - Satisfied

    They are similar to my Original Apple Charger, works great. I bought a lot for my family and friends, they are very satisfied with it. Definitely worth paying this product.

  • Jimmie Rustle - Works as advertised

    This definitely gets the job done. I tried dry shaving with it like others recommended and it was far too irritating on my skin. I wet shave with it in the shower and the results have been excellent.

  • A. Zdunczyk - Stomach bug

    I work from home so I have not really gotten sick in a while. My mother is in rehab for a broken hip and last week a stomach bug was going through the center. I usually went to she her everyday. Last Thursday I must have gotten the bug. Vomiting off and on the whole day. For days after at least once a day. I would feel better and then it would come again. Since last Thursday I have eaten very little. I drank a lot of fluids but could not keep food down. My neighbor brought me 2 Airborne tabs and I took the first one. In about 15 minutes my stomach had settled down. I took the next one about 3 hours later. I went to the drug store yesterday and bought 3 small tubes. I actually ate last night with no side effects from the food. I will be using this product from now on.

  • Amazon Customer - One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to ...

    One of the best products that I was blessed to be introduced to by a friend . Some people eat to live and some people live to eat , I love food but didnt always make the best choices and no matter how many different CRAZY diets I did it always felt like I was suffering and would either get sick or disappointing by how they made me feel . I'm happy to say that since I started using natures burn I feel 1 much much more energy, 2 I feel healthier than ever and 3 it suppresses my appetite to a point that I am no longer "eating with my eyes" and craving unhealthy foods but actually eating the good foods that my body craves. I can honestly say that if you give this product a try you will love it ! I don't hold back my cravings at all because now I crave only what my body actually wants and needs

  • HellFrozeOver - I like it

    Less than a week old and this is what I know....the remote is very basic with only a numeric keypad. keep that in mind when you have to want to enter passwords (especially if you use letters!). even though there is a keyboard that can pop up on screen, it's a very slow process. I could not get the keypad to work for websites that needed data entered. Thus it is extremely helpful if you have a wireless or wired keboard that you can plug into the usb port on back of the unit.