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  • B. Breeland - This grounding mat works. I was skeptical but I ...

    This grounding mat works. I was skeptical but I have noticed immediate results as far as sleep and inflamation. The purchase included a paperback which supports the medical results with medical studies. It all makes complete sense now having read the book and tried the product. This product is one of those no brainers once you have the information. I'm going to purchase a bracelet whatever is available so I can use it while in the office.

  • Christine - It works! And its funny

    I can't believe it, but this works. It's also hilarious in the guest bathroom as a conversation piece. (First time I ever had a conversation piece in the bathroom!!). I do wish it lasted a little longer for the price, but part of that cost is probably for the clever hilarity of the product! PS- if you haven't seen the advertisements for this product, look them up. SO FUNNY! I actually bought this product as a gag gift because I was so amused with the ads, and was then amazed it actually worked!

  • Verlee - Disappointing & Expensive

    This is a very safe - and very expensive and heavy seat. Unfortunately it is extremely difficult to install in the middle row captain's chair of a Dodge Caravan. There were several problems during the complicated installation and customer service seemed to be aware that installing in a Caravan was problematic. The red snap that goes around the seatbelt (which is now required even when using LATCH, because of the tremendous weight this seat) was nearly impossible to close. The indicators that show whether the LATCH is engaged are confusing and don't change color fully, and it is impossible to unLATCH this seat from my vehicle without a screw driver, which was recommended by customer service. For a seat of this cost (and hype) I expect better functioning (and customer service) than "get a screwdriver to pry open the LATCH" and, "instead of using the seat belt latch (which wouldn't work), pull the whole belt out and feed it back in to lock it. A seat of this price (or any price!) should function CORRECTLY without have to use screwdriver and rig belts to make up for it's inadequacies. It is greeguard certified and allows extended rear-facing. Disappointing overall.

  • Whistley21 - 4 stars day one, 1 star day two.

    Loved it for a day until it just stopped connecting. Set up was easy so I'm not sure about all the troubles that everybody else is having. Mine worked great for the first day and now it's just times out every time I try to connected to Wi-Fi. It's a bummer, I really wanted to like it