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  • Karen - Great Product-Greedy Company

    Great product-Greedy Company: We are so thankful for this product as it did change our daughter's colic and feeding in 24 hours. However, they changed the product to a new "fluffier" version. This version is harder to scoop to get a good, accurate amount. And, more importantly, there is less in each can. It seems they added fluff to increase the amount of space the product takes up so they can make more money. I emailed them and they claimed that it was a change in manufacturing and they sent me some 2 dollar coupons. But we all know that change was to make more money. Luckily the new "fluffier" version seems to still sit well with my daughter as the ingredients are the same. It just doesn't sit as well with my pocket book and it's beyond disappointing to know a company for children is just out to make money.

  • Alex Wonderboy - Everything it says it does, it does....

    What an amazing value for 200 bucks!!! Guitar is great.. Comes with everything..(Purchased a Snark for tuning (even though the program witll tune you too) Great way to get your feet wet and start playing....a+++++

  • amazonbuyer - Great concept, extremely poor quality

    If the swiffer sweeper didn't break every three to four months, I'd give it FIVE stars. If it lasted a year, I'd give it FIVE stars. But for some reason P&G doesn't see the need to make a sweeper that is sturdy. Come on P&G, we're already buying the wet pads and the dry pads already. Why do you think we need to be replacing the sweeper itself every few months?

  • Rocman - Good Kindle Version of Timeless Classic

    This is a basic rendition of the classic Aesop fables. The illustrations are very basic - just a simple small graphic at the start of the fable. Not every fable gets its own illustration. This was a bit of a letdown, as I was expecting big colorful illustrations. The fables themselves are very succinct and short, even for the more famous ones like the hare and tortoise. I do like the sheer number of fables in the collection, as there were a lot that I've never heard before. I would give it three stars, but the sizable collection of fables pushes it closer to 3.5 stars. Since half stars aren't possible, I rounded it up to 4 stars.

  • Vicki - Great FUN

    I really enjoy playing this group of slots! There are so many options. I can't wait for you to come & play this game yourself because I can't explain all the entertainment I have when I play. Have fun and happy gaming.

  • Brownsuga9825 - You the 💣💣💣.com Nicole Jackson

    This book was an emotional roller coaster ride. I absolutely 💗💗💗 Keyasia & Wale!!! I couldn't put this book down & I'm about to read again!!! 👌👌👌👏👏👏

  • Bogla4 - Comparable to a Yeti.

    Great cup!! Our Crossfit box is super warm especially during these hot days. It kept ice while I was in the hot gym for over two hours, compared to a regular plastic water bottle that sweats and melts ice within 30 mins. I would recommend this to anybody, great price compared to a Yeti!