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  • sshetrompf - I am able to get a close shave on the easy access points on my face

    I received Philips Norelco Shaver 2100, to try for free from bzzagent, for my honest opinion. I am able to get a close shave on the easy access points on my face. However as a heavier person i cannot get a close enough shave on my neck area. I had to stretch my neck quite a bit. Other points include, It is rechargeable and easy to clean. Replacement heads are required after one year of use. It is easy to hold in your hand while using the shaver.It is also very light weight.

  • amani - Disappointed

    I was pretty skeptical to buy this based on other people's reviews I read a while ago but I decided to give it a chance anyway because I'm in serious search of finding something that will even out my skin. I gave this product quite some time before I decided to review it. I used this thing daily for 2 and a half months and it did absolutely nothing for my skin, although Aveeno claims this product is supposed to improve skin tone and texture within 4 weeks, as well as discolorations (dark marks), etc. My skin did not improve at all whatsoever. Not to mention the formula was really heavy and incredibly greasy for me, which is a odd because I have normal to dry skin. But the thing that really got me about this moisturizer was the fact that it has microscopic flecks of glitter in it (to give the "radiant" look). Swatch some on the back of your hand under direct sunlight and you'll see what I mean. Come on Aveeno, there should be no gimmicks involved here in your products.