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  • David - The oil scents are ok,

    I compared the Lavender and Tea Tree to a previous set by "now" and these smelled borderline bad, I wasn't crazy about any of the other ones either. Lemongrass and Orange smelled synthetically sweet, but for the price I guess I can't complain much.. Likely will buy individual ones from Mothers Market or Whole Foods from now on though.

  • Hanzel - scam

    i bought this item at a mall from a very pushy israeli woman. the only reason i bought was she promised i can return it for refund if i didn't like it. she gave me a phone i can supposedly call her. turned out the phone was disconnected. when i went back to return my item, the sales person told me they don't issue refund. i called the phone number on the receipt and a lady answered with a "hello?" sounded like she was answering a home phone. she told me the same thing. this company is very misleading and practices unethical business. the peeling is annoying. some of the residues are hard to remove from my face. beware!!!! this company is a SCAM!

  • Jim D - Inexpensive, but Quality System

    To say the least I was quite skeptical about buying a security system online and with a DIY installation. But now having had the chance to check it out, I'm quite impressed relative to the much higher priced, but technologically inferior options out there. Plus DIY installation is simple and saves a bundle.