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  • D. Lyman - Hairdresser's Stash

    I finally found what my hairdresser uses. Each time I have a haircut she uses these amazing products. Not only do they smell terrific but the product leaves my curly hair manageable without flattening it out. I'd recommend any of the line.

  • Normiami - 3 start just because Amazon did more than I expected.

    I really do not have any idea how to rate this. I bought it as a replacement of my old and loved Mr. Coffee.

  • Angela - Nice recipes, a little too heavy on the homemade ice cram

    I thought this was a decent free download, especially for the pumpkin juice and sundae recipes. The lemon pie sundae was yummy if you like lemon. I purchased lemon curd here on Amazon. But, as other reviewers have mentioned, there are mainly lots of homemade ice cream recipies. Since I don't have an ice cream maker, those are not practical for me. But, overall,I still enjoyed this free edition.

  • Candy - Didn't work for me

    I have been looking for a protein treatment for months (I have relaxed hair). First I tried Organics hair mayonnaise, and my hair was left weak and breaking. Then I tried Aphogee 2 step protein treatment, and instead of helping, I experienced even more breakage once I was through with it (and I followed the instructions to a T). I am disappointed, since the reviews shows that this product worked well for others, but not for me.

  • Kevin Gilmore - I've been a very satisfied Garmin user and customer until now with the purchase ...

    I own 5 Garmin devices: an Edge 305, Edge 705, a Forerunner 235, an Approach S6 and now an Edge 820. I've been a very satisfied Garmin user and customer until now with the purchase of my Edge 820. I do a lot of cycling and tracking my efforts on the bike is something I enjoy doing to gauge my fitness. My Edge 705 has done a superb job of that for the 7.5 years I've been using it but I felt it was time to upgrade because surely an Edge 820 will have even more fun ways of motivating me out on the road or on the trails -- and it does. But what it doesn't do is something I wasn't expecting: it comes woefully short of tracking my distance on the trails in wooded areas. My Edge 705 is a much superior unit in this regard.

  • Nicole Garland - Great prenatal!

    LOVE Pregnitude... The stuff is great, easily dissolves into a glass of water. In addition to it's medicinal properties it helps to keep H2O intake up. It dissolves easily. The individual packaging is cool and make b:it easy for on the go.

  • Greg Magnanti - I'm very pleased with the improvement between this and the old badger

    I'm very pleased with the improvement between this and the old badger. Significantly quieter and much more capable of tearing up what I throw in it. It's a little harder to fit items through the rubber gasket than the old one, but that's part of how it quiets the disposal so I'm fine with that. I haven't chunked bone at it yet, but it tore up whole limes pretty well which the old one just couldn't do. I do recommend actually reading the instructions unless you've installed one of these a couple of times as they were pretty helpful.