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  • Pasquale 61 - It works good but the user interface can be confusing!

    The Good: It does what it is supposed to do, and I do feel secure using it for what I do. (As in I stay away from bad websites...) It's fairly lean and doesn't seem to use a lot of computer resources like some others out there.

  • Fenix8452 - Great value

    It works exactly like it should: plug it into a QC2.0 power supply, and it fast charges phones capable of using that. I bought it for a project I'm working on to put wireless charging into a magnetic phone mount in my car, and this is going to be perfect for it, but for everyone that DOESN'T take apart their technology every day:

  • Inderjit Dhaliwal - Better than extra strength

    I think this product is giving me quicker results compared to the extra strength. I add biotin supplements and black currant oil supplement. I can say that it's made a HUGE difference.

  • Joan - This is fantastic piece of gear

    This is fantastic piece of gear. It allowed me to monitor a cottage 125 miles away without connecting to the internet nor the landline company. Price @ $240 was reasonable, and the cost to monitor (all via cell) was less than $60 for the 5 months a year I worry about potential freeze-ups. If a 6th star was available, I'd give it to them. Proof of its efficacy, a workman tripped a circuit breaker, didn't reset it, and I got a text message power was off. Neighbor checked and found the Marcell blinking green (it turned out to be on its internal battery, the heat was on, and all o.k. The Marcell still showed the power to be out. Next day I checked with my contractor, he went back to the site, reset the breaker, and I got a text that the power was on.

  • Nino - Like most software you must have some computer savvy to ...

    Like most software you must have some computer savvy to use this plus out of the box it did not install. Your computer must have a program assigned to hta. type file as this is what is required to open the disk from your DVD drive.

  • In the light of things - pick me pick me

    It worked. ...had a job interview and passed the urinalysis test they gave at the dr. Office. I followed the I struction jst , like it said...However I didnt smoke any herb for three days prior to the test.

  • Linda G. - Couldn't find locally so turned to Amazon

    I have several new printers but still turn to my faithful old HP laser most of the time. That thing is a real war-horse. I couldn't find replacement cartridge locally so turned to Amazon, as usual. Bought this cartridge and 3 days later the old war-horse was back in business. I don't know if this cartridge will last as long as the old one but can say it works as well.