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  • Jimmy C Neal Sr - DESERVES 7.5 STARS

    DeLorme Street Atlas USA 2015 Plus works exceptionally well for my travel planning. It is not a panacea for all mapping concerns because nothing is absolute. Nevertheless, it is the best until something better is marketed. Importantly, I had to take the necessary time to comprehend how to use the 'bells & whistles' on the tool bar and when to right click or left click the mouse.

  • Mrs Nat Lopez - I love it. I have so many brushes

    This brush is so soft. I love it. I have so many brushes. But I don't really use them. I recently started using a brush for my makeup but it felt rough. But this one. Wow. This one made a big difference. It strokes across my face so easily and it gets the job done very well. The brush comes in a box with some manuals or just info about the company. Very fancy looking. The brush is small but it's a good size.

  • Andrea - Awful tasting!

    This turned out to be a very poor purchase. I wish I could return it! The concept is great, but the taste of everything, from the cleanse (wild berry) to the "chocolate" snacks is so bad I could not finish even three days with this product. I had high hopes, but this was a huge disappointment, and a very expensive mistake.