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  • Judy - Love it!

    I like Outlook 2010, even though it was quite expensive, but I can now send emails with pictures and they don't get stuck in my outbox. I am able to coordinate my calendar with my other devices and ICloud. It replaced my Microsoft Live.

  • paracelsus - Total Waste of Time

    I upgraded to this from the 2010 version. We print a lot of cards and have used this program for several years. However, we are sending back the 2011 version for a refund. There was no problem installing it on a machine running XP, but that's about the only good thing.

  • bob kittle - Good ball for the money

    Have used these balls for 2 years and like the performance and hard cover . Also liked the feel around the greens .

  • lizzyj47 - Hot Cream, Feel Great On That Pain

    As a person with cronic pain and fybromyalgia along with arthritus, i manage to try just about every product i can on the market. This cream is made from many natural ingredients, im not going to list them, you can look at the ad for the cream and they are all listed, but i will say helping with natural ingredients is the way to go. this cream works better than icy hot and bengay which neither do anything for me. It comes in a jar 8.8 oz, and it seems to go quite a ways. The orange color is deceiving, i thought i was gonna turn orange, not so, it blends in nicely. It has a pepermint odor which is one my favorite, certainly better than ben gay or some of those so called pain relievers. When rubbed in, it feels warm, not overly hot but warm and soothing, rubbed in, it takes the pain away for probably a half to three quarters of an hour. the main thing for me is its a relief and i put more on. I like the fact it was not ever used on animals, is made from natural ingredients and is less expensive than a lot of other pain creams that do not work nearly as well. I would definitely recommend it. As for the claim for cellulite, i honestly can not tell you as i use it strictly for pain.

  • Sara - This is a beautiful car seat

    This is a beautiful car seat! It came assembled and was easy to install. The only problem....my daughter hated it. The padding is minimal and my daughter would cry every time I put her in it. She always loved riding in the car before this carseat. I am thankful to be able to return it because it's just not working for her. I love the rebound bar and the look of it is so sleek. However, listening to my daughter cry and watching her squirm every time she had to ride in in broke my heart. Too bad. I had high hopes for this carseat.

  • PJS_review - Great shoe, but not wide enough for 6E

    Impossible to find really wide shoes, but I gave this a chance. Wear a 13 / 6e in new balance gym sneakers. Ordered a 48 wide, but they were tight enough that I couldn't hope they would loosen up enough so returned them. In retrospect, I probably should have tried the shimano triathlon shoes, as they are more forgiving. Ended up getting a Lake triathlon shoe, in 48 wide.