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Home - ABHC - Associated Behavioral Health Care is a highly trained, dedicated and compassionate team of psychologists, physicians, certified counselors, and administrators. We offer the best education and treatment available. The diverse educational backgrounds of our staff include MDs, PhDs, and Masters level degrees. We provide flexible and convenient appointment options to fit your busy schedule.

  • https://abhc.com/alcohol-drug-information-school/ Alcohol Drug Information School - ABHC - Associated Behavioral Health offers this State approved, course of instruction which fulfills the legal requirements established under the Washington Administrative Code for court referred clients, as well as providing valuable information and feedback for those individuals looking for answers on their own.
  • https://abhc.com/alcohol-drug-information-school/victim-panels/ Victim Panels - ABHC - Our victim’s panel empowers victims of drunk driving to help work through the recovery and grieving process. In doing so, it offers the chance to provide DUI offenders the opportunity to see the consequences and potential tragedies associated with drinking and driving.
  • https://abhc.com/medical-services/ Medical Services - ABHC - By scheduling an appointment with either a psychiatrist or a nurse practitioner at Associated Behavioral Health Care (ABHC) you will be meeting with a clinician who SPECIALIZES in mental health disorders and the ability to appropriately prescribe medications if necessary to deal with the symptoms that you are currently dealing with.
  • https://abhc.com/buprenorphine/ Buprenorphine - ABHC - Adolescents addicted to opioids responded better to buprenorphine than clonidine in a clinical trial in which all patients also received behavioral therapy.
  • https://abhc.com/mental-health/ Mental Health - ABHC - We offer a wide range of treatment options in a safe and nurturing environment. Call the office at (800) 858-6702 to schedule an intake appointment.
  • https://abhc.com/mental-health/mental-health-court-evaluations/ Mental Health Court Evaluations - ABHC - There are many reasons the court may order comprehensive mental health court evaluations. Associated Behavioral Health offers court-recognized assessments.
  • https://abhc.com/mental-health/attention-deficit-hyperactivity-disorderattention-deficit-disorder/ Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder/Attention Deficit Disorder - ABHC - ADHD and ADD have become two of the most talked about neurodevelopmental disorders discussed today. ADHD is one of the most medicated conditions.
  • https://abhc.com/adhd/ ADHD - ABHC - Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is one of the most common childhood disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood.
  • https://abhc.com/bipolar-disorder/ Bipolar Disorder - ABHC - Bipolar disorder is a brain disorder that causes unusual shifts in mood, energy, activity levels, and the ability to carry out day-to-day tasks.
  • https://abhc.com/brain-science/ Brain Science - ABHC - NIDA-funded scientists have contributed to and drawn upon these advances as they have established that drug addiction is a brain disease.
  • https://abhc.com/family-therapy/ Family Therapy - ABHC - Multidimensional Family Therapy, an approach that integrates individual, family, and community interventions outperformed other treatments.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/ Chemical Dependency - ABHC - The Chemical Dependency (Substance Abuse) Division at ABHC provides high quality, individually tailored education and treatment for our clients.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/alcohol-and-drug-assessment/ Alcohol and Drug Assessment - ABHC - Do you need to schedule an in-jail alcohol and drug assessment? Please contact our evaluation department directly at (425) 698-1505.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/in-jail-alcohol-and-drug-assessment/ In-Jail Alcohol and Drug Assessment - ABHC - ABHC is proud to offer in-jail alcohol and drug assessments/evaluations in King County jails. Completed evaluations typically have a 3-5 day turnaround.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/opioid-dependence/ Opioid Dependence - ABHC - ABHC is now offering both Suboxone and Vivitrol as additional options for those who are appropriate to complement our comprehensive treatment programs.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/outpatient-detox/ Outpatient Detox - ABHC - Our Medical Services team in collaboration with our Substance Abuse Services team is prepared to offer mild outpatient detoxification support.
  • https://abhc.com/chemical-dependency/alcohol-evaluations/ Alcohol Evaluations - ABHC - Alcohol evaluations are stressful, especially when they’ve been mandated by the court. We are committed to making the process as relaxed as possible.
  • https://abhc.com/drug-abuse/ Drug Abuse - ABHC - llicit drug use in the United States has risen to its highest level in 8 years, according to the 2009 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH).
  • https://abhc.com/court-related/dui/ DUI - ABHC - Your arrest for driving under the influence in northwestern Washington means you must undergo a court-ordered DUI evaluation or assessment.
  • https://abhc.com/marijuana/ Marijuana - ABHC - A large new epidemiological study suggests that marijuana smoke can cause the same types of respiratory damage as tobacco smoke.
  • https://abhc.com/marijuana-and-cancer/ Marijuana and Cancer - ABHC - Men with testicular cancer showed an association between current marijuana use and the more aggressive of the two types of the disease.
  • https://abhc.com/methamphetamine/ Methamphetamine - ABHC - Two new studies appear to highlight the role of glial cells—the nervous system's equivalents to the body's immune cells—in methamphetamine abuse.
  • https://abhc.com/recovery/ Recovery - ABHC - A NIDA-funded study has demonstrated that the relapse rate for heroin addicts increases with time and that the probability of long-run abstinence depends...
  • https://abhc.com/substance-abuse/ Substance Abuse - ABHC - About 2% of mothers with at-home children under the age of 18 reported symptoms meeting the clinical criteria for abuse of or dependence on illicit drugs...
  • https://abhc.com/smoking/ Smoking - ABHC - Many studies have established that a pregnant woman's smoking raises her child's risk of disruptive behavior disorders and of delinquency in the teen and ...
  • https://abhc.com/services/anger-management-life-skills/ Anger Management/Life Skills - ABHC - Anger management services include: Anger Management Assessment, AM Level One class, AM Level Two treatment and Anger Management/Life Skills Coaching.

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