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  • G. Gibson - The worst Office yet.

    Absolutely the worst version of Office yet. Microsoft has made Office virtually unusable with the washed out paper white color. or lack of color, and enormous ribbons that take up huge amounts of screen space. Your choice of background color is basically white or gray, and everything blends together because there is absolutely no contrast. Irritating on the eyes, and virtually unusable. I will be making a transition away from MS Office. Somebody should be fired at Microsoft for putting out such a terrible product. DO NOT BUY.

  • johno95 - I like the software

    I like the software. I don't like the fact that if you divided your money among several heirs, you would use only fractions. For example, heir 1 gets 3/8 of money, heir 2 gets 2/8, heir 3 gets 3/8. You cannot not divide the money using fractions AND dollar amounts. That would be too complex. Perhaps they need a more advanced version of the software.

  • Preston Snyder - Broken after one week

    The mouse worked correctly and was great at first and only one week later after purchased the primary mouse bottom became weak and I was unable to feel comfortable using it. I sent the product back to amazon and have yet received my refund.

  • Honeybird - Great Security

    I have used Avast! for years. Started out with the free version then, for the last few years, upgraded to the internet security version. I can attest, from experience, that it really works. There have been countless times when someone sent a link or something tried to get through to infect my computers and Avast! has prevented it every time. It works quietly in the background, doesn't cause problems with legitimate downloads, and does its job very well. Best of all, it does not slow down your computer. It is very easy to work with and even monitors when other programs need an update. You will never go wrong in choosing Avast!

  • Cristian - If you have on you car a check system for ...

    If you have on you car a check system for lights being out , this lights work but the car will not identify that are working because they have a different resistance Ohm.

  • sweetlilc - mini camcorder

    I like this because of the size and ease of use. The picture quality is just okay but also good enough. I will continue to use this device. I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • Ardie Hollifield - Warning for those with milk allergies or intolerances!

    Initially this seemed to work well. After about a week, I started getting heartburn and a sore throat. Turns out milk is one of the inactive ingredients in the capsule. One of the issues I have is a confirmed milk allergy so it started a new set of problems for me. I'm sure somewhere on Amazon's website it mentions this fact, but because dairy is tied to many digestive issue for people, Align should really consider reconfiguring its inactive ingredients. I've switch to Phillip's Colon health which has no milk and hopefully resolves things.