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  • Mark in NC - No recourse for failing to refund money

    If you like buying from a company that doesn't have human beings dealing with your complaint or problem, then Roxio is the company for you. I bought a PC product for a Mac computer by mistake and tried to get a refund within 5 minutes of the purchase. I filled out all of their forms, but their computer said my order number was invalid. There's no phone number for customer service on their website, so I googled my problem and found a third party company that handles their complaints and got someone who said they'd refund my money. Never happened. I've spent hours trying to get my 100 bucks back, which is probably by design.

  • Amazon Customer - Why do we do this to ourselves?

    Before and after pictures found zero results, actually lines were more emphasized. But then again, I hate that society even makes me feel like crap about getting older, that's it's a bad thing and I'm turning ugly just because I have laugh lines. Ug.

  • J. Bussjaeger - I was hoping this would reduce the leak rate further but things got worse; it went back to how bad it used ...

    After use the leak increased in speed. I can not be sure this was related to that but it did happen at the same time. I drove 2 hours after use. I do not think the radiator itself had any leaks and I put in a pump and new hose last year which helped greatly but didn't stop the slow leaking. A rate of every 3 months; I was hoping this would reduce the leak rate further but things got worse; it went back to how bad it used to be. Like I said, I don't think I can link the problem to this product, which is simply metal flakes in liquid which hopefully get jammed into leak. What I did notice is that the level never goes down when driving but after sitting a while the level goes down; so this could be helping during operation but when the pressure drops this stuff no longer plugs the leak so it still is leaking. The fact it is worse I do not think is connected. That is my theory on what is going wrong. I think this product is a clever solution to mitigate leaks but unlikely to solve problems - which is the expectation I had when I bought it. I may buy it again.

  • Kevin W. - Excellent Budget Sedan

    I have now had the car for a little over a month and I absolutely love it. I wanted a car as a birthday present to myself and had a slightly flexible budget of 25K. I really wanted a Miata and was willing to stretch my budget to accommodate. But in going to the dealer I sat in the Miata and just didn't feel comfortable It felt too small for my height-I'm 5' 11" and didn't seem great for NYC traffic. I then checked about the Mazda 3 and took it for a testdrive. It is not super quiet but handles superbly especially on corners. I got the Deep Crystal Blue Mica in the iTouring trim and the Popular Equipment Package(dual ac control,Bose 9speaker audio, cd player w/mp3 and auto-dim mirror.

  • reviewer guy - Battlefield is back with a hit

    Beautiful graphics (not just resolution, but scenic experience), nice story mode. Back to the core battlefield enjoyment, without chasing the futuristic stupid weapons that is plaguing Call of Duty. Thanks Dice for a solid back to basics!

  • Anna - Yet to see results - Update: Not working

    Is my hair growing? Sure, but I'm also taking biotin every day. Fuller hair? No. Not sure if this product works, finished two boxes and I'm hesitant to buy a third box. I'm 100% Swedish so if this product should work on anyone hair it should be my fine Scandinavian hair.

  • samenjoe - Useful, though a little disappointing

    The Fiske guide is not a bad place to browse colleges, but inaccuracies in those places we happen to know makes one wonder if descriptions of places we don't know are also inaccurate. One example: the entry on UCSB does not mention the recent surge in Nobel prize winning faculty (or other prestigious awards), barely mentions the very original and selective College of Creative Studies ("the Graduate school for Undergrads", especially excellent in Physics), and appears to simply have reprinted old descriptions of the school as the surf-and-party school on the beach. That may well have been true 15 or 20 years ago but things have changed a lot since then. Generally speaking, the recent sea changes in the entire UC system (mostly bad trends due to state defunding) are not adequately addressed.