A Fórmula - Especialista em você - Saúde, beleza e bem-estar. É isso que você encontra em cada produto A Fórmula, uma empresa que leva qualidade e tradição para o Brasil.

Country:, North America, US

City: -95.4739 Texas, United States

  • Kindle Customer - Yes hunny

    I swear you never seem to fail your readers girl...Another book that's just amazing the wait was well worth it

  • dmeister - Absolute Garbage.

    What a worthless piece of garbage. It was supposed to create a bootable image on a Western Digital usb hard drive. Couldn't boot from the disk and just ended up re-installing everything from scratch. Don't want their excuses. Don't want to call customer service. Just want it to work like they claimed it would.

  • Amazon Customer - I do not usually like to give a rating to a product but this ...

    I do not usually like to give a rating to a product but this filter a rating of ten stars deserves if possible compared to the original replacement that does not ask anything very good quality and fits exactly to the original taste of the water is very good and the price is excellent $ 10 vs $ 40 for the original is much difference'm really impressed. **********

  • Auggie's mom - The jury's still out

    I used this for a hurt shoulder, and within a week I noticed drastic improvement. The injury had been slow to heal, but being a sceptic, I wonder if it was going to heal anyway. Tried it on some sore itra-scapular muscles last night...only slightly better today. Still, I did do some research before purchasing and there is something to the ifra-red promoting healing. I don't regret the purchase. Time will tell as I use it more (I'm injury prone).