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  • DEESEEZ - Whether you have thinning hair or not. This is the stuff!

    After only using this for 3 weeks I can absolutely see and feel the difference. My hair has never felt this thick and healthy. It is manageable and feels moisturized at all times but never greasy or weighed down. It’s like getting the ultimate upgrade for your hair. I also notice far less hair falling out in the shower which is where I normally notice it practically falling out by the handfuls. I’m not afraid to run my hands though it or run a comb though it anymore. I’m loving these results. I highly recommend this to anybody whether your hair is thinning or not.

  • Amazon Customer - This is why it pays to read customer reviews

    I am an avid Kindle reader and was really interested in moving into the world of magazine subscriptions with PopSci at the top of my list. Reading all of the reviews and doing the simple comparison of price between the Print and Electronic editions has quickly helped me to avoid doing something that could only be described as "totally dumb"! Why in the world would someone want to pay considerably more for something that costs less. I mean I am happy to help the environment and do my part to stop trees from turning into paper, and would even be willing to pay the same price for an electronic edition (allowing the publisher to make more of a profit and hope the publisher realizes the potential profits to be made thereby pushing folks more in this direction), but this is totally absurd.

  • Nico's Nana - Four Stars

    My son is doing prep classes for the upcoming ACT. Hopefully this will help him pass with high scores.

  • Ian s. - For my first ever gaming pc I'm completely satisfied. If your into battlefield like I am it ...

    For my first ever gaming pc I'm completely satisfied. If your into battlefield like I am it runs bf3 and bf4 on ultra settings with no issues at all. Probably will be able to run bf1 on medium to high settings easily

  • Rush Reviews - Perfect to spoil yourself or a perfect gift set. A little goes a long way so these are sure to last.

    Classic set of six 10ml therapeutic grade essential oils. I have loved using oils as long as I can remember. Burning oils has been a regular thing for me. I prefer the oils over any air freshener, incense or any other type of fragrance dispersion process. In my opinion, nothing compares to the oils. They smell stronger yet are soothing. Unlike incense they do not irritate. The fragrance seems to seep into surroundings allowing it’s soothing smell to linger and continue to enhance your surroundings. This set of six are are a nice selection of pleasant fragrances. My favorite in this set would have to be a toss up of Lavender and Eucalyptus. These oils can reduce stress and give more tranquil peace of mind. Then there's the fact these are organic which is a big deal to a lot of people nowadays. With no harsh chemicals. Their performance really reflects their quality.

  • maestro - Do not buy Adobe CC

    This is something unbelievable. Adobe thinks people are more than stupid. Even a kid can multiply by 12 to understand that subscription model is a steal from customers. I was happy user of Adobe products. I want to BUY a right to use the software, I do not want to RENT the software.