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  • Renee K. - What a disappointment!

    I bought one and the power cord is faulty. I was excited originally since my sister had one and it worked well but now I have to pay to return a brand new item. I live in the Caribbean and to do this would cost more than the item did. I am really disappointed that they would charge for something that wasn't my fault.

  • Taylor Chiesa - I highly recommend this product

    I had been smoking pot for about 7 months, almost every single day. About a bowl packs worth every day. Found out I had a drug test in a week, so I quit smoking and drink a lot of water each day. 3 days before the test I drank a whole thing of cranberry juice and a gallon of water, continued drinking about 3-5 bottles a day until Wednesday. The morning of my drug test I chugged this drink and had 2 bottles of water as well as a gatorade. I peed 3 times before my test and took my test about 2 hours after the drink and I passed my drug test with flying colors. I highly recommend this product. I am about 6 foot and weigh 180 lbs. Worked like a charm

  • Egwhit - It lives up to the rave reviews.

    This works wonderfully on my two cats. I swear I could keep using it for half an hour and keep getting hair! But a fairly brief brushing and I get an impressive amount of hair, and they seem to love it.

  • Varnellm - A MUST READ !!

    I didn't put this down until I finished it I was glued to the pages always wondering what was gonna happen next?! Man I was blown away I absolutely loved this book!! Just in time for Halloween too!! I love it when I get to read a different spin on a fairy tale that an author makes into their own. Thank you Frankie Love and Isabella Starling for an awesome read. This is a no brainer 1-click buy you won't be disapointed!! Highly Recommended!!

  • T. Dunn - packing

    I am very happy with this item. The only negative thing is the packaging, it was in just a envelope and could be easy broken it shipment, because the envelope had a "RIP" in it from What i guess is the shipment damage, But the disc itself was fine. I suggest maybe putting a thin piece of cardboard of thick paper inside to keep it from "bending" so easy. Other then that I am Very happy with the item.

  • Tami Wagoner - Backpack

    My daughter loves this back pack. She uses it everyday for school and it is the first one hse hasn't complained about hurting her shoulders when she is walking home from school. Would for sure purchase another back pack from this company.

  • Amazon Customer - They duped me

    I was skeptical when I watched the infomercial, but I admit that they sold me probably because I wanted to be sold. I wanted it to be true and I was sucked in and I thought that even if a little of what they were saying was true it would be great. The infomercial is on all the time and I wanted so much to believe what they were saying and thought that they wouldn't have it on all the time with people buying it if it wasn't true. I had a gas trimmer before that died and thought I would try it out. I bought it and I can honestly say that I can't think of anything that they claimed that is true. The battery life isn't good, the power sucks, it doesn't cut well (probably because there is only one line), the line doesn't self feed well and there is no way this could be used as an edger. Because I have to go so slow and go over everything two, three times it takes me twice as long. It is also annoying that the line doesn't self feed consistently and doesn't go out all the way. The line is always super short and I have to feed it out myself. There is a higher volt battery that they sell and I don't know if that gives more power, but I got the 20 volt because that is what the infomercial advertised and they said was great. I knew it was too good to be true, but it makes me sad because like I said I wanted it to be true. It was a cheaper option, but I guess you get what you pay for. Now I am going to have to pay for a new gas trimmer, so I wasted my money and will end up paying a lot more than if I wouldn't bought this trimmer