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  • Triple J - I like this machine

    I like this machine, it is exceptionally better than the blade grinders I have had. The controls are not intuitive and there are many combinations, so balance may be difficult to find at times, especially if you have different grind preferences for different brews. The hopper does get a little static-y but that doesn't really bother me. I bought the grinder brush, because I will also likely use this to grind herbs once in a while and different coffees, if you take some time with a good brush, you really do not need separate machines. Very pleased with this over all.

  • jessica colburn - I received this product and was amazed at how easy and simple to this was was ...

    I got this product at a discounted price for my unbiased opinion. I received this product and was amazed at how easy and simple to this was was to use. They fit comfortably in my ears and are light weight so they do not hurt my ears. The wireless ness of the product is a big help especially while i am cleaning. They do not get caught on handles or doors or get yanked out. Easy to open and it is very portable. sound is amazing. they do not take long to charge. They stay charged for a good while and are a great size. I for one am not very pleased with ear buds but i absolutely love everything about these. Even the color of them.

  • Jacqueline Hooks - Wonderful

    This was the first step by step book I purchased and I have already worn it out I love it so much that's why I decided to get an updated version

  • Candace Drimmer - Perfect solution to a problem we often have

    I knew or thought I knew that the unfinished basement had some humidity, but now I know for sure. It's in the bottom of this DEhumidifier.

  • Dancing Eyes - Device does not last that long.

    First, I need to state that I did not buy this item from Amazon. I do use red light therapy at Planet Beach spa. I bought this gadget for spot treatments. The device worked about a year and a half and I did NOT use it consistently. The first unit arrived and only worked for a few days. My vendor replaced it upon the return of the original unit. Regarding the second unit, I probably used it consistently off and on but definitely not for the entire year and a half that I owned it. In the beginning I could use the device for about 40-45 minutes at a time. Then slowly, minute by minute, the device started subtracting time. By the time it finally gave out, I could only get a charge of about 5 minutes. Eventually it would not charge at all. As far as it working, I have no idea. I could never really tell. However, I do a lot of things for my face. I completely stay out of the sun, always wear sun block, use good products, eat well, gym rat, and take supplements. So, who knows. This unit is now trash to me.

  • Amazon Customer - PlayStation VR is amazing!

    After playing with it for over the past 10 days, I can say this:The lenses fog up with the slightest breath on it, from something touching the lenses or simply from sweating. the resolution is bad. the most accurate way to describe the resolution is it's like putting on glasses except the glass is replaced by a screen, like a screen door. However, VR is an amazing experience and it is a fairly new technology. I can't wait to see where VR goes from here. In conclusion, it's more than worth it for the price compaired to other VR systems, and it makes every game a thousand times better (even with low resolution)! I hope that PlayStation VR 2 has 4k resolution!