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  • Silicon Valley Guy - I am very pleased !

    I am always sceptical about any infomercial I see on TV. But an informercial is how I first learned about the Nutribullet. I was intrigued enough to go check the Nutribullet out on Amazon where I saw many favorable reviews. Turns out the local Bed, Bath and Beyond was selling it for a much better price than Amazon (surprise), and after confirming that BB&B had a no-questions asked full refund return policy, I took the plunge and bought it.

  • P A Haspel - Not 100 %

    This oil is fragrant and not 100% argan oil. I wanted something purely argan oil not one with additives. The fragrance is very strong and not appealing. I was disappointed because this product was not inexpensive so I am out $ 25+. I would not order anything from this vendor again

  • Zardoz2293 - Avoid

    The GOOD: Could have written volumes of positive information here five years ago as it was a/the leader. Consider purchasing prior product versions OR do your homework before you buy. Refunds are handled as per policy.

  • David's Wife - Requires expensive supplements

    This 10 day detox diet plan requires expensive supplements. His supplement pack, which should last for 4 weeks, costs $140. The book suggests that you throw away all processed foods and foods that contain sugar or hydrogenated oils. While I agree that those foods are not healthy, I think that if you really are going to remove all of these foods from your diet, perhaps you could donate them to a food bank rather than the trash can. I think that it is a good idea to eat healthy foods, but the book just seems to be a set up to sell the expensive supplements. I received this book free to review from Netgalley.