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  • Travis H. - Does a neat job

    This headliner cuts very well. I've tried outliners from Andis before and this one is very good. Still, I'd prefer an even closer cut. I won't say that you can use it to replace your shave, but you'll look neat nonetheless.

  • Omar - Works for a while..

    At first it worked in some way; in about two days the leaked was greatly reduced, although it did not stop completely. It continued like that until the next oil change. The leak came back after I changed the oil. The bottle states it is a permanent solution and that no additional additive is necessary after changing the oil, but this is not so. I expected it to seal the leak permanently as it was stated in the bottle, or at least reduce it. What is the purpose of sealing a leak only for a while if it will come back again? What says in the bottle is misleading, this is not a permanent solution.

  • Silicon Valley Guy - I am very pleased !

    I am always sceptical about any infomercial I see on TV. But an informercial is how I first learned about the Nutribullet. I was intrigued enough to go check the Nutribullet out on Amazon where I saw many favorable reviews. Turns out the local Bed, Bath and Beyond was selling it for a much better price than Amazon (surprise), and after confirming that BB&B had a no-questions asked full refund return policy, I took the plunge and bought it.

  • Michael C. - If you like wallet cases, this is great for the money!

    When I first received it, the case was a bit stiff, but then loosens up after a week or so. Case is sturdy, looks sleek and professional, and has 3 pockets for credit cards, IDs, etc. and one larger pocket where I can stash some cash. Personally I like the magnetic flap that holds the case closed and sometimes I use it to help stabilize the phone when taking pictures. Not sure why the back of the plastic phone holder that the phone clips into has a rubbery feeling to it like for grip especially when I have never needed to hold the phone by that part. So far, the case has no signs of wear.

  • Marc-Aaron Hyman - this game was pretty awful when it first released but since the last ...

    this game was pretty awful when it first released but since the last patch it plays really well, including online

  • ice cream woman - Do Not Buy This!

    I've always had skinny limbs, all the body fat in my belly. The infomercial looked so good with all those sincere people (yes) that I decided to try this. The belt is useless. I forgot to return it in time and just thought oh well, perhaps I can sometimes wear it if I need to tuck a heat wrap in my lower back or something. They sent me two gel tubes more and charged my Visa. I made an angry phone call and they said I had agreed to get monthly shipments. Really? I don't think so. I returned the gels, but got only some of my money back. I feel like finding the owner of this stupid belt and egging his or her car. DO NOT ORDER THIS. Order The Fat Flush Plan book instead, by Ann Louise Gittleman.