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  • Matthew Anthony - CAUTION: No Certificate of Authenticity

    I have been purchasing the Swarovski ornaments via Amazon for a few years now, and have never had any issues, but that unfortunately changed this year. My purchase was direct from Amazon, not a Marketplace seller. The ornament arrived in pristine condition, but contrary to the description and the answered questions, the Certificate of Authenticity was NOT included. I have never had that problem before when buying these from Amazon, so I was quite disappointed by that fact. Buyer beware.

  • John Hong - Just Dance Interface changed

    I was very happy with the interface shown in Just Dance 2013 and Just Dance Greatest Hits. The new interface is a bit more complex and harder to use for people with disability. It is so much more difficult that my brother will not play with it and prefers the older Just Dance games. He did like the new songs, and dance graphics, but it all comes back to the ease of choosing the songs.

  • spartacus215 - WW1 style Warfare to the T.

    I will start off by saying that I picked up the Deluxe Edition at Gamestop this past Monday at Midnight. I have been gaming since FPS and 3rd person shooters started going mainstream including franchises such as Medal of Honor, Call of Duty, Spec-ops and finally Battlefield. I love them all and for what it's worth each franchise has had there own ups and downs. I will do a revised version of this review after I beat the campaign. I have played the MP for roughly 14 hours and I'm addicted to it. The sound is Superb in every facet from gunfire to explosions and the vehicles are very realistic.The graphics are on another level and there were times while I was playing on my PS4 during a MP session that I had to stop and stare at the maps I was running around in mid match. The gameplay is fresh and ripe with old and new features combined. The mode Operation is the newest game mode and it's so much fun. I'm on level 18 at the moment and I have got a great sense of this game and it's a game I have zero regrets about buying. The modes are fun and the maps are Impressive and a sight to behold. The 64 player matches are just ridiculously fun and harrowing all at the same time. The unlocks and ranking up system are done wisely. I would say to pick this game up ASAP and I promise that you will love it. I have been a COD fan and a Battlefield fan for many years as they duked it out yearly and this year Battlefield is King in my opinion. They brought it back to boots on the ground and a war that is very seldom seen in games. The COD franchise keeps it in space after 3 plus years of the community saying they are sick of it. Activision doesn't give a crap about the community while EA does. The only reason they're pairing COD 4 remastered with Infinite Warfare instead of buying it separate is because they know they would sell a fraction of copies if sold separately. The last great COD was "World at War" in my opinion anyways GO and BUY this game meaning Battlefield 1 lol. A True Masterpiece. I will also say that if anyone says this game sucks they're without a doubt a COD fanboy.

  • anthony2823 - GREAT for older cars! A Must buy

    It goes against everything in my bones to like this product but I do. I do very much actually. I have had many cars in my lifetime and my Corvette is a garage queen. I am obsessive with taking care of my cars mechanically and in cleaning them. I honestly can say I have tried every product in the brick and mortar stores along with some pretty fantastic products such as JetSeal and Zanio Brother line up of car care products.

  • Hernan - Callaway 2011 Hyper Lite 4.0

    Light weight and versatile, but neither the materials nor the workmanship seem durable. May need another bag after a couple of seasons. Time will tell. Also, don't be fooled by the picture, the model Charcoal Black and White is not the one pictured, the one pictured is Charcoal/Black/Orange/White but after a month and 5 phonecalls to amazon, they have still not corrected it. In the last 3 phone calls, they said they would.

  • LaurieLou - This stuff is the BOMB!

    I'm 59 years old and my feet are in perfect condition! I'll go toe to toe with any 30 year old. I've used Flexitol Heel Balm for years. I gently use a pumice stone in the shower then put my regular lotion on my legs after showering. I follow up with Heel Balm and soft socks until I climb into bed. I've never even felt the need for a pedicure.

  • Eddie Lynn - Cost effective facial pad

    This is a good buy for facial pads. We (my husband uses them too) were using Philosophy pads, but these are a better buy, so we gave them a try. My husband said he felt stinging the first few days, but after that, no problem. I did not feel stinging at all. They are very wet, so you can use them to the very end without worrying about them drying out. We will probably keep using them due to the great value.