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    Country:, Europe, DK

    City: 12.0564 , Denmark

  • Chaparra - I adore this cream!

    This cream smells so wonderful and light. It is really thick but doesn't clog your pores. I have used Ponds for extra dry skin face lotion for several years and never thought I would stray either. I still love it but this could easily become my new favorite. It doesn't leave that oily/shiny look that the ponds does. I haven't used it long enough to be able to claim improvement in my skin but I'm already sold. I am definitely going to get the face wash, serum and toner now.

  • Belle E. - I got my miracle!!!

    God really gave me my miracle! I have lived with this problem my entire life. I practically shut myself off from mingalling with people because I was tired and embarrassed of seeing a cringing look on people's faces or being offered a breath mint or a gum. I saw this add on google and decided I had nothing to lose so I ordered it and received it very promptly. I came home on my lunch break to discover my package so I quickly opened it and tried it for the first time after I had lunch. When I got to work I decided to get in conversations with my coworkers, and to my delight they engaged in conversation with me at a close distance and actually looked into my eyes as we spoke; and were totally into everything I had to say. For the first time in my life!!! I could of just sat and cried right in that instant! Now I can truly be the social butterfly I was meant to be!!!! Thank you God and Amazing Breath!!!! Belle E.

  • Ericson - Taste great, too!

    It's rare that I would post a comment or rate a product, but this warrants an outstanding review. This mouthwash (my dentist actually recommended it) cleans my mouth and taste great too. It doesn't sting because it is alcohol-free. I also send these to my parents and they love it too! It's been two years now and I haven't gone back to other brands. You won't be disappointed.

  • Omega Proxy - DO YOUR RESEARCH!!!!

    I wouldn't have known about the Parent Child Testing Product, but for the increasingly fevered dreams I've been having, always ending with my waking up screaming those four little words: "Parent Child Testing Product!" A google search later, I ended up here, after convincing the search engine that I did not mean 'Parenting Child Torture Products'; At least not this time... I was confused as to why I should be drawn to this item, as I've never had children nor parents, but the description was what sold me on it; I'm somewhat of a connoisseur when it come to anything and everything that is an afront to god and nature, and this just screamed abomination. When the 5-pack finaly came, I admit i didn't immediately know what to do with them and the instruction card burst into flames as soon as I began reading it. So, just as I suggest to all potential buyers of the Parent Child Testing Product (which is only part of an entire line of Parent Child related items), I did some digging, cuminating in many hours in dusty old world libraries, and pre-historic tombs. Ultimately, I was comforted to know that the name of the product is the result of a failure of translation from proto-assyrian (go figure). Also, I found a .pdf of the instuctions, (which was 1.2 terrabytes big, and managed to upgrade windows vista into some sort of omnicient djinn-like entity, but that's neither here nor there). Needless to say, without doing the "legwork" I would never have been able to unlock the true potential of those five little statues. Given that once you find the right orientation, they begin devouring eachother, I don't see how purchasing more than five could make much difference. btw, that proccess takes about a week, most of which isn't too critical to witness (unless you like that sorta thing), but watching the last one devour itself is a MUST SEE! Seriously, you don't get the effect if you don't watch that happen, and while your eyes will literally explode from the awesomeness, and the unabridged instruction specifies that 50% will die without seeing any effect (100% will die regardless, but you know what they say about making omelets...) In all, I say it's worth it, but I wouldn't dare ruin the surprise^_^hehehe

  • Brandon Kelley - Like using scissors to cut paper!

    Let me start by saying that I received these items for a discount in return for writing a review about it.