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  • Angella Petrey - Absolutely WONDERFUL ...

    THIS PRODUCT is the most effective cleanser I have ever used! I feel so much better after each dose, thank you so much for this exceptional product!!!

  • P. J. Mullins - An interesting read into Bible prophecy!

    A very interesting read for studiers of Bible prophecy. I believe there is a lot of truth here that many people are afraid to accept and all too ready to dismiss. Give this a read through, then go back and read it again, looking up verses and reading specified Bible chapters. It all lines up.

  • Matt H. - Best wireless gaming/internet browsing mouse to date. Only from Logitech.

    Still getting used to it compared to my G700 that I've used for so many years. It's not "as" ergonomic as my G700 since the G700 is a righty mouse and the G900 is for either hand. But the G900 is lighter and better balanced as far as weight goes.. Also better sensor and longer battery life in the G900.

  • Anon - Read It In 1996 - Followed It - Alive Today

    I was diagnosed with medium grade, T-cell, lymphoma(NHL) in October of 1995. I had horrible responses to standard chemotherapy and was ultimately transplanted (autologous BMT) in April of 1996. Everything failed. I finally gave up chemotherapy in November of 1996 after being told by doctors I was incurable. The cancer had spread from my lungs to my peripheral nervous system and skin (CTCL). I started researching ways to help myself. Read many books, one of which was "The Cancer Battle Plan". Yes, the plan does seem a little extreme, but let me tell you, it did get me back on my feet... I followed everything the book outlined regarding the two week detox program (except I couldn't stomach the Tea tree oil). I'm still alive today and actually still have cancer (8 years without remission, and 6 years since giving up converntional therapy)... it is not detectable by any medical test, but I still feel it via neuropathy in my nerves in the lower legs. Since the day I started the "Battle Plans" two week detox my symptoms have slowly and gradually (yet sweetly) receeded. My Oncologists are stumped. I've read some opionions criticising non-conventional therapies for giving patients "false hope" and I just have to say hope may have been and what STILL keeps me alive. Conventional therapy only keeps 50% of all patients alive for 5 years. If you ask me, there isn't "true hope" for any cancer patient. What you do have AND control is the ability to help yourself beyond what your oncologist will subscribe. Nutritional methods of supplementing your battle are NOTHING BUT logical. Conventional methods of cancer treatments are designed to reduce tumor bulk, but they do not remove all the cancer. Your body is what finishes it off, and if it is no shape to do so after cancer and radiation... the cancer comes back with even more vengeance. Did this book cure me? I can't say because I did a lot of other things to help my self out since giving up chemo, but, this book is nothing but valuable to any reader and I've recommeded it to MANY other fellow battlers.

  • Milkfed - like, 3 at a time

    Cheezits AND fudge stripes?! Someone over at Keebler is a genius for coming up with this particular combo. And they are snack eat, like, 3 at a time.